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Achanalt, the former Free Church of Scotland. NH 2589 6156. About 4 miles E.N.E. stands Kinlochluichart & Strathgarve Church (CoS). NH 3165 6267. Link. The Grade B listing gives it a date of 1825, a Telford church. Both Kevin Price (2020).
Acharacle, Church of our Lady of the Angels (R.C.). Martin Briscoe. The Parish Church, dating from 1829. NM 675 683. N. Argyll Extracts. Free Church of Scotland. Peter Amsden.
Achiltibuie, Coigach Free Church of Scotland. Another view. NC 018 090. Both Tim Flitcroft (2013).
Achnacarry, St. Ciaran. Martin Briscoe. NN 181 873; grid reference courtesy of N. Argyll Extracts.
Alness, the Parish Church. Martin Briscoe.
Altnaharra, the parish church of Altnaharra & Farr. Bill Henderson. Drawing Catherine Tremper.
Alvie, Church of Scotland, near Loch Alvie. Its Canmore entry dates it to 1768, on the site of an earlier church. NH 8644 0935. John Mackie.
The roofless Rothiemurchus Old Parish Church stands in an isolated position east of Alvie at NH 8857 0930. Not seen by Streetview, some photos can be seen here.
Ardaneaskan, the former Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland Meeting House, disused since ca. 1992. Another view. NG 832 353. Both Tim Flitcroft (2012).
Ardclach, Parish Church (ca. 1845). Old Parish Church. NH 955 450. Link. Both John Mackie.
Ardelve, Free Church of Scotland. NG 875 273. John Mackie.
Ardersier, Church of Scotland (1880). The former Free Church (1856), no longer in use. Both John Mackie. Another view, Peter Morgan (2014).
Ardgay. Tricia Barnett.
Ardgour. Martin Briscoe. NN 010 641. Built by Telford in 1829; formed as a QSP (Ballachulish & Corran of Ardgour) out of the very large Kilmallie Parish.  Disjoined from (north) Ballachulish in 1894 and united with Kingairloch, formerly in Lismore & Appin Parish, to form Ardgour & Kingairloch Parish. Additional information in italics courtesy of N. Argyll Extracts.
Ardjachie, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. NH 749 843. Bill Henderson (2013).
Ardross, Church of Scotland. NH 616 744. John Mackie. Link.
Arisaig, the parish church of Arisaig and the Small Isles. St. Mary (R.C.). Both Martin Briscoe.
Arpafeelie, St. John (Episcopal). NH 610 504. John Mackie. Another view, Bill Henderson (2013). Link.
Aultbea, CoS. Free Church. Former church, now a Freemasons Lodge. All Peter Amsden.

Badcaul. Howard Richter advises of 2 churches hereabouts. The Church of Scotland is active, and stands at NH 0190 9194. A study of old maps shows that it was a United Free Church in 1906. It can be see here on Streetview in 2010, with an old whitewashed schoolroom to the left, and to its right the church, and the manse with purple woodwork beyond. There is also a former Free Church - a tin tabernacle - at NH 0185 9200. Shown on Streetview here, in 2010. Some interior photos are available here.
, United Free Church of Scotland. John advises that active United Free Church congregations are few and far between in the Highlands. NH 865 755. John Mackie. Link.
Berneray (North Uist), Church of Scotland. Carol Myers. Link.
Berriedale. Bill Henderson. James Napier advises that this church has recently been closed.
Bettyhill, the one-time parish church (St. Columba), now houses Strathnaver Museum. NC 715 622. Bill Henderson. Grade B listed. Farr Free Church, Bill Henderson. Link. Altnaharra and Farr Church of Scotland, the current parish church. Map evidence suggests it was built between 1894 and 1910. Another view. NC 708 622. Both Martin Richter (2013). Link.
Blaich. Martin Briscoe.
Boat of Garten, St. Columba (CoS). NH 943 185. John Mackie. Another view, Peter Morgan (2014). Link. Kincardine Church of Scotland. John Mackie.
Bogallan, the Free Church. Martin Briscoe.
Bonar Bridge, Creich Parish Church. Bill Henderson. Creich Free Church of Scotland (1880/1). NH 626 921. John Mackie. Bonar Bridge Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. John Mackie.
Bower, Church of the Holy Rood (Church of Scotland). Bill Henderson. Another view. ND 239 622. Martin Briscoe.
Bruan, Church of Scotland. James Napier advises that this church has recently been closed. ND 313 395. Old Free Church. ND 313 396. Both Martin Briscoe.

Canisbay, Church of Scotland. Bill Henderson. Another view. Alex Parker. Free Evangelical Church. Bill Henderson.
Cannich, Fasnakyle Free Church (1868), now unused and in a poor condition. Church of Scotland. NH 336 318. Both John Mackie.
Caol (near Fort William).
Cawdor, Church of Scotland. Ina Penneyston (2010). Another view, Peter Morgan (2014). Link.
Cille Choirill (near Roy Bridge). Martin Briscoe.
Conon Bridge, Ferintosh Parish Church. NH 545 565. John Mackie.
Contin parish church. Martin Briscoe.
Corpach (near Fort William).
Corrimony, Church of Scotland. NH 385 295. John Mackie. Link.
Cove, a presumably former Free Church Mission Hall, as seen on Streetview. Howard Richter speculates that this very remote church may have been built during WWII when arctic convoys assembled in the adjacent Loch Ewe. NG 8099 9061.
Croachy, St. Paul (Episcopal). John Mackie.
Cromdale, Church of Scotland (1812). NJ 075 285. John Mackie.
Crosskirk, Chapel of St. Mary. An information board at the site says it "probably built ..... 12th century". ND 0249 7009. Bill Henderson. Another view, Howard Richter (2013). Howard advises that this shows on the 1873 OS map as "St. Mary's Chapel (Remains of)". Another view, Peter Morgan (2021). Link.
Croy, Church of Scotland (1764). The former Free Church closed in 2002, and is awaiting conversion into a house. Both John Mackie.
Culbokie, the Church Centre (CoS). NH 6084 5970. Peter Morgan (2021). Link.
Culloden - see also Newtonmore, below.

Dalhalvaig, the Strathy and Halldale Church of Scotland Church. Bill Henderson.
Dalwhinnie, a disused church. Martin Briscoe.
Daviot, the Daviot and Dunlichity Parish Church. NH 723 395.  Bill Henderson. Another view, Martin Briscoe, and another, Peter Morgan (2014).
Dores, the Parish Church, dating from 1828. Martin Briscoe. Free Church. NH 596 344. John Mackie.
Dornie, St. Duthac (R.C., 1860, on the site of an older church). NG 885 267. Martin Briscoe. Another view, interior, the altar and font, all Dennis Harper (2013). Link1. Link2. The William Macrae Memorial Hall (CoS). Martin Briscoe.
Drumbeg, Free Church of Scotland and Associated Presbyterian Church. Another view. A small tin tabernacle, it has been here since at least 1968, when it shows on the OS map of that year. NC 122 326. Both Martin Richter (2013). Free Church. Another view. Its current status is uncertain. Built before 1878 when it shows on the OS map of that year. If this is the church referred to here, it was built on or about 1844. This photo (external website) from 1987, with church signboard, and its absence today, suggests it may be disused. NC 124 325. Both Martin Richter (2013).
Drumchardnie, the former Free Church, now a crafts centre. Martin Briscoe.
Drumnadrochit, Old Kilmore Church. Peter Ross Memorial Mission Hall. Both Martin Briscoe. Urquhart & Glenmoriston Church of Scotland. NH 509 294. Bill Henderson (2016). Link1. Link2.
Dulnain Bridge, Church of Scotland. Peter Morgan (2014). Link.
Dunbeath Ross, Church of Scotland. ND 158 296. Martin Briscoe.
Dundonnell, a former Church of Scotland, seen on Streetview. This stands outside the village on the shore of Little Loch Broom, at NH 082 884. Howard Richter advises that it is shown, but not named, on the 1906 6" O.S. map, and is still named on maps up to the later 1960's.
Dundreggan, the Free Church. Martin Briscoe.
Dunnet, dating from about 1230, but most of the present building dates from the 16th century. ND 191 681. Bill Henderson. Free Church. ND 257 712. Martin Briscoe.
Durness, Church of Scotland. It was built as a Free Church a few years after the disruption of 1843, and was later United Free. NC 404 669. Bill Henderson. Another view, Martin Richter (2013). Link. As Church of Scotland it had at least three predecessors. Its immediate predecessor was this building at NC 4023 6781, now in residential use. It was apparently built circa 1814 when the medieval church was abandoned. The date when it went out of use as a church is unclear, but map evidence implies it was between 1905 and 1962. Martin Richter (2013). The ruins of the late medieval church (Balnakeil) stand at NC 39109 68649. This link provides a date of 1692, and also mentions a yet earlier church or churches going back to at least the 13th century, and possibly much earlier if the traditional association with St. Maelrubha is correct. Two additional views - 1, 2, and the tomb of Duncan MacMorroch - 1, 2. All M
artin Richter (2013). Link1. Link2. Link3.
Duror, the parish church, built in 1829, replaced earlier churches of the 17th and 6th centuries. NM 993 552. St. Adamnan (Episcopal), dates from 1848. Both Martin Briscoe. Additional information in italics courtesy of N. Argyll Extracts.
Duthil, the former St. Peter went out of use in 1961, and is now the Clan Grant Centre. Peter Morgan (2014).

Edderton Old Church. Martin Briscoe.
Eriboll, the Church (1804), part of the Eriboll Estate. The OS map of 1878 shows it as "Free Church"; later maps up to the edition of 1961-1989 all show it as "UF Church". Two additional views - 1, 2. NC 438 572. All Martin Richter (2013). Link.
Errogie, Stratherrick Free Church. NH 555 221. A tin church nearby was built as a United Free Church, which became CoS at the union of 1929. John says it appears to be disused. Both John Mackie. Free Presbyterian CoS, between Errogie and Lyne of Gorthleck. NH 548 211. Peter Amsden.
Evanton, the Kiltearn Parish Church. Bill Henderson. Kiltearn Free Church. John Mackie. The former Secession Chapel (1824) was been converted into flats in 1984. John Mackie.

Farr (near Inverness), Free Presbyterian Church (1938). NH 681 332. John Mackie. The former Daviot Free Church (1859). There was a planning application in 2012 to convert to residential use. NH 687 340. John Mackie. Another view, Peter Amsden.
Fort Augustus.
Fort George, Chapel. Interior view, and a window. NH 760 566. All Peter Morgan (2014). Link.
Fort William.

Gairloch, Parish Church (CoS). Free Church of Scotland (1878-81). Link. Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Free Presbyterian Meeting House at Strath. All Tim Flitcroft (2015).
Garve, the former Free Church of Scotland, which closed in 2005. NH 3913 6211. Kevin Price (2020). Some more photos are available here.
Glencoe, St. Mary (Episcopal) was built in 1880. NN 100 588. Martin Briscoe. Additional information in italics courtesy of N. Argyll Extracts. Another view, the altar and font, all Dennis Harper (2013).
Glenelg, Church of Scotland. NG 812 192. Link. Free Church of Scotland. NG 820 199. Both John Mackie (2010).
Glenfinnan, Church of our Lady and St. Finnan (R.C.). Martin Briscoe.
Glengarry. Martin Briscoe.
Glenuig, Highland, St. Agnes (R.C.). NM 671 767. Martin Briscoe.
Glenurquhart, the Free Church. Martin Briscoe.
Golspie, St. Andrew, Church of Scotland. Bill Henderson. Another St. Andrew, on Fountain Road. Martin Briscoe. John Mackie has elucidated:- the "second St. Andrew" was built as United Free Church of Scotland (1905-6), but now serves as the church hall for St. Andrew. Free Church of Scotland (1844-5). John Mackie.
Grantown on Spey, Inverallan Parish Church (CoS,1884-6) on Mossie Road. Another view. NJ 0318 2805. Both John Mackie. Link. Grantown Baptist Church (1851, restored 1900-1) on High Street and Chapel Road. NJ 0311 2765. John Mackie. Another view, Peter Morgan (2021). St. Columba (Episcopal) on Woodlands Crescent. Two more views - 1, 2. NJ 0293 2740. Peter Morgan (2014 and 2021). Link. Unidentified former church, now a private residence. Peter Morgan (2014). Old maps mark a Mission Church on Mossie Road and Church Avenue at NJ 0324 2804. It survives, and was seen by Streetview in 2021. It
now serves as the church hall for the Inverallan Parish Church.

Helmsdale, Free Church of Scotland. Martin Briscoe. It now (2022) seems to be closed, as the church website says that they now meet in the former police station. It can be seen in a Streetview from 2021. St. John. Martin Briscoe.
Hill of Fearn, Fearn Abbey (CoS). The parish church was constructed within the remains of the 13th century Premonstratensian Abbey. John advises that the church is known as "the Lamp of the North". NH 837 773. Fearn Free Church of Scotland (1896-7) is disused and currently (2009) up for sale. The congregation now meets in Hilton of Cadboll (see below). Both John Mackie.
Hilton of Cadboll, Fearn Associated Presbyterian Church of Scotland. NH 869 762. Fearn Free Church of Scotland. NH 869 762. Both John Mackie.

Inverasdale, Free Church. NG 821 855. Peter Amsden. It is now presumably a former Free Church, as it no longer shows on the official Free Church website. A Streetview of 2011 is available here.
Invergarry, Glengarry Parish Church (1864). Another view. NH 304 012. Both Dennis Harper (2013). Link. Grade B listed. St. Finnan (R.C.). NH 309 007. Martin Briscoe. Another view, Bill Henderson (2013). Link.
Invergordon, Church of Scotland. NH7068. St. Joseph (R.C.). NH7068. Both Bill Henderson.
Inverinate, the Kintail Parish Church. Martin Briscoe.
Invermoriston, the church. Martin Briscoe.
Isle of Skye - see Skye.

Keiss, Church of Scotland. Bill Henderson.
Kildonan, the Parish Church. NC 910 208. Martin Briscoe. Another view. Bill Henderson.
Killearnan (near Inverness), the parish church. Martin Briscoe. The former Killearnan Free Church of Scotland, now an Art Gallery. NH 586 509. John Mackie.
Kilmartin, St. Ninian (Episcopal, 1853). NH 431 300. John Mackie. Link.
Kilmorack, the old parish church. Martin Briscoe.
Kilmuir (on North Uist), Church of Scotland. Another view. Both Carol Myers. Link.
Kilmuir Easter parish church (near Invergordon). Martin Briscoe. Another view. Bill Henderson. Link.
Kiltarlity, the parish church. Martin Briscoe. Free Church of Scotland. NH 506 411. John Mackie.
Kinbrace, the former CoS Mission, a tin tabernacle, as seen by Streetview in 2021 (the nearer green building). Also visible is part of the Free Church, behind the more distant green tin building. NC 8611 3153. Unusually, the manse is also a tin building, seen by Streetview in 2021. According to this source, both the church and manse date from 1912. The Free Church stands at NC 8164 3160, and was seen by Streetview in 2009. It was apparently still active in 2009 (source), and perhaps in 2019 (source), but it now seems to be closed, as the Free Church website mentions it only as Helmsdale and Kinbrace, pointing to the church website which makes no mention of Kinbrace. A little over two miles just north of west from the village are the remains of
Ach na h-Uai Meeting House. It stands at NC 8267 3210 and was seen (distantly) by Streetview in 2021. Link1. Link2, which mentions the last service in 1819.
Kincardine, Parish Church. Bill Henderson.
Kingairloch. Originally a mission church of Lismore and Appin Parish, it became the parish church of the later united Ardgour and Kingairloch parish. N. Argyll Extracts. Another view. Peter Amsden (2009).
Kinloch Laggan, St. Kenneth of Aghabo - an ivy-clad ruin. NN 535 897. Martin Briscoe.
Kinlochbervie, Church of Scotland. The was originally Free Church, and this link provides a building date of 1846, just 3 years after the Disruption. NC 223 567. Link. What is now the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland was originally Church of Scotland, and dates from 1829 - a Parliamentary/Telford church. The Church of Scotland presumably moved from here to their current home, but the date is so far unknown. Another view. NC 221 564. Link. Grade B listed. Another Free Presbyterian Church stood at NC 2283 5604, and is shown as such on a map of 1962, but was not so marked on a map of 1973. The site (now residential) can be seen here on StreetView. Whether the church building was completely demolished is uncertain, but appearances suggest it was. All Martin Richter (2013).
Kinlochewe, Church of Scotland. NH 025 615. Free Church of Scotland. Both John Mackie.
Kinlochmoidart, St. Finnan (Episcopal). Martin Briscoe.
Kintail (near Shiel Bridge), Free Church. Martin Briscoe.
Kirkhill. Wardlaw Mausoleum, the old church. Both Martin Briscoe.
Kirkmichael, St. Michael (ruinous). Martin Briscoe.
Kirkton (near Kyle of Lochalsh). Martin Briscoe.
Kishorn, Mission House. Now apparently (reports John) used by the Associated Presbyterian Church of Scotland. NG 836 385. John Mackie.
Knockbain, the Parish Church (CoS). NH 646 530. Bill Henderson (2014).
Kyle of Lochalsh.
Kyleakin, Church of Scotland. Free Church. Both Martin Briscoe.

Laggan (near Newtonmore), the parish church. Martin Briscoe.
Lairg. Free Church. Both Bill Henderson.
Latheron, Church of Scotland. ND 198 334. Old Church. ND 203 333. Both Martin Briscoe. Another view of the old church, which now serves as the Clan Gunn Museum. Bill Henderson.
Latheronwheel, former chapel. Bill Henderson.
Lochailort. Martin Briscoe.
Lochaline, Cill Cholumchille old parish church. The old Free Church. Both Martin Briscoe. Kiel Church, dating from 1898, replaced at least two earlier churches. Angus Mackie of Scotland360 Images. Link.
Lochcarron, Lochcarron East Church of Scotland (1834-6, no longer in use). NG 914 413. Church of Scotland, originally built as United Free Church (1909-10). NG 899 396. Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland (1908). NG 896 395. Free Church of Scotland. NG 896 395. Adjacent to it stands the former Free Church of Scotland, and Manse. NG 896 395. All John Mackie (2010).
Lochend, Bona Church of Scotland. NH 595 377. John Mackie. Link.
Lothmore, the closed Loth Parish Church (CoS, 1822). It was sold by the church in 1984. NC 971 114. Martin Briscoe. Two additional views - 1, 2. Martin Richter (2013). Link1 (with a photo of the interior above the false ceiling). Link2. Link3, which says that there was at one point three chapels in the parish, but no trace (other than the burial grounds) remains of two. Grade A listed.

Mallaig, St. Columba. Martin Briscoe.
Maryburgh, Free Church. NH 545 565. John Mackie.
Melness. Howard Richter advises of several churches and church sites hereabouts. A Free Church shows on a map of 1875 at NC 5853 6338. The replacement for this building stands at NC 5857 6335. The entry on the Scotland's Churches Trust website gives a date for the replacement as "at the turn of the twentieth century". The church is visible on Streetview here, and by looking further to the left can be seen the site of the earlier church. Another website gives a potted history, including the later building and subsequent demolition of a bell-tower. I haven't been able to find a photo with the bell-tower. Some photos of the interior are to be found here. Some of the money to enable the building of the afore-mentioned bell-tower came following the closure of the nearby Cornhill Church. Standing at NC 588 623, it was built subsequent to the publication of a map of 1875, and shows on a 1905 church just as Church (so probably Church of Scotland). It was disused by the time of the 1962 map. Shown on Streetview here, it's now in use as a B&B (link). Melness school was designed and built before 1875 to be used as a school and church, but it was never used as a church.
Midtown (near Inverasdale), Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. NG 8210 8527. Peter Amsden. Like its near neighbour the Free Church in Inverasdale
(see above), this church too is now "former", as it is no longer listed on the official church website. A 2011 Streetview shows the building looking somewhat down at heel. Modern roadmaps variously call this location Midtown, Midtown Brae, and Inverasdale. A former Free Church Mission Hall stands at NG 8213 8496. A 2009 Streetview shows the building undergoing renovation. Canmore entry.
Glenurquhart & Fort Augustus Free Church of Scotland. NH 317 551. Bill Henderson (2013).
Morar, Our Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Cumin (R.C.). Martin Briscoe.
Moy, the Parish Church. NH 772 343. Martin Briscoe.
Muir of Ord, East Church of Scotland (1910). NH 528 504. Urray and Strathconon Free Church of Scotland (1861). NH 524 502. Link. Both John Mackie.

Nethy Bridge, Abernethy Parish Church (1762, re-modelled 1872-3). Link. Church of Scotland, built as Abernethy Free Church. Both John Mackie.
Newtonmore, Free Church. Martin Briscoe. St. Bride (Church of Scotland), formerly the Free Church (built ca. 1900). NN 7149 9926. Martin Briscoe. Link. In the Highland Folk Museum stands Leanach Mission Church, moved here from near Culloden. Interior view. Both Peter Morgan (2014). Another view,
Karel Kuča (2019).
Nigg, Old Church (CoS). NH 804 717. Link. Chapelhill Church, originally Nigg United Presbyterian Church, built 1871-2. NH 824 736. Both John Mackie.
North Ballachulish, St. Bride (Episcopal). Martin Briscoe. Founded by Lady Alice Ewing in 1875. Text in italics courtesy of Argyll Extracts.
North Kessock, Knockbain Free Church, which was built in 1994 to replace the earlier church as Bogallan (q.v.). NH 641 482. John Mackie. Link.
Nostie, St. Donnan (Episcopal). Martin Briscoe.

Opinan (near Gairloch), Presbyterian Mission Room. It wasn't clear to Tim if this was Free Church of Scotland, or Free Presbyterian Church. NG 746 724. Tim Flitcroft (2013). Howard Richter has advised that it shows on the 1967 OS map as "Meeting House (Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland)". He also advises that there is another meeting house nearby, at NG 745 719, which is shown on the same map as Free Church of Scotland.

Petty, near Inverness, St. Columba. Martin Briscoe.
Pollacahar (North Uist), Free Church of Scotland. Carol Myers.
Polnish, Our Lady of the Braes (R.C.). Martin Briscoe. Another view. Roger Heap. And another, Bill McKenzie. Link.
Poolewe, the Free Church. CoS (disused). Both Peter Amsden.
Port of Brims, ruined chapel. Bill Henderson.
Portmahomack, Tarbat Church of Scotland, on Well Street. NH 9162 8446. John Mackie. Another view, Peter Morgan (2021). Link. News story. Tarbat Old Parish Church (St. Colman) is now the Tarbat Discovery Centre. NH 9148 8402. John Mackie. Another view, and the interior, both Peter Morgan (2021). Link. Grade A listed. Tarbat Free Church. NH 9134 8410. John Mackie. Another view, Peter Morgan (2021). Link. Grade C listed.

Reay, Church of Scotland. NC 967 648. Bill Henderson. Another view, Martin Richter (2013). Grade A listing, which says it dates from 1739, with alterations in 1933. Howard Richter advises of two additional churches. The first is the old parish church at NC 969 648. Its graveyard can be seen here on Streetview. Link1. Link2, which dates the church to the 16th century, though, as they say, the presence of a 9th/10th century cross-slab makes an earlier church likely. The ruins of a Free Church stand at ND 024 640. It can be seen here on Streetview. Link, which dates it to 1844, and that it closed in 1985.
Resipole, former church, now a private residence. Peter Amsden.
Resolis, Free Church of Scotland. It's dated here to 1865. NH 6725 6455. John Mackie. Two more views - 1, 2, both Peter Morgan (2021). Link. Grade C listed.
Risabus Oa, (Islay), ruined church. NR 314 436. Martin Briscoe.
Rogart, St. Callan (CoS, 1775/7). Link. NC 735 035. Associated Presbyterian Church (previously Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland). NC 715 035. Pitfurie Church of Scotland (built as a United Free Church of Scotland, 1909/10). NC 715 035. All John Mackie. Free Church of Scotland. John Mackie (2010).
Rosehall, Church of Scotland (1891). Free Church of Scotland (1845). Link. Both NC 484 014. Both John Mackie.
Rosemarkie, Rosemarkie Kirk (CoS). NH 737 578. Bill Henderson (2014). Link.
Roskeen, Free Church of Scotland. Bill Henderson. Rosskeen, the Parish Church. Martin Briscoe. Rosskeen Old Parish Church (1830-2, disused). NH 683 702. John Mackie.
Roy Bridge, St. Margaret (R.C.). Martin Briscoe.

Sava, Lairg & Rogart Congregation (Associated Presbyterian Church). Bill Henderson.
Scarfskerry, Baptist Church. ND 265 744. Howard Richter advises that this is the most northerly extant church on the mainland of the British Isles. Old maps indicate the site of the more northerly St. John's Chapel at about ND 3105 7508, but it's omitted from modern maps, and Canmore is doubtful about its reality. Bill Henderson.
Scourie, Eddrachillis Parish Church, Church of Scotland. Bill Henderson. Free Church of Scotland. Marked on a map of 1878 as "Free Church", and on the 1987 map as "Eddrachillis Free Church", it was built in 1846, worship having previously taken place in the open air near the shore. The General Assembly of the Free Church authorised the sale of the church in 2007, but when Martin took his photos, there was still a notice advertising fortnightly services. A current website says that it "no longer holds regular services". Another view. NC 151 435. Both Martin Richter (2013).
Scrabster, Fisherman's Mission. Bill Henderson.
Shiel Bridge, Free Church of Scotland. Another view. NG 933 190. Both Dennis Harper (2013).
Shieldaig, Church of Scotland (built as United Free Church of Scotland ca. 1910). The former Free Church of Scotland (1876-7). Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland (1895). All ca. NG 815 535. All John Mackie (2010).
Skerray, the Free Church, a tin tabernacle. It stands at NC 673 624 in nearby Achtoty. It may now be closed, as in 1988 it was reportedly "just about surviving, having had no minister for four years" and in a poor state of repair. The undated church website says no services are taking place here. Bill Henderson.

South Laggan, the Free Church. Martin Briscoe.
Spean Bridge, St. Joseph (R.C.). Martin Briscoe. Kilmonivaig Parish Church (CoS). NN 213 819. Martin Briscoe. Another view. Bill Henderson. And another, this one Dennis Harper (2013). Link.
Stoer, the ruins of the 1828 Parliamentary/Telford Church of Scotland. It was still intact in 1972 - photo here, and some more photos of the ruins are available here (scroll down). There have been attempts to convert this building to residential use, with planning permission and appeal against rejection both refused. Another view. NC 0405 2855. Grade C listed. Stoer Free Church at Rienachait is home to the Free Church of Scotland and The Associated Presbyterian Church. It pre-dates a map of 1878, where it is marked as Free Church. NC 043 301. All Martin Richter (2013). Also at Rienachit (a mile north of Stoer, but marked on few maps) is the former Free Presbyterian Church. NC 042 300. Edward Paxton. Two additional views - 1, 2, and the date-stone for 1899; it was closed in 2001. All Martin Richter (2013).
Stratherrick, Catholic Church. Martin Briscoe.
Strathconon, Strathconon Church of Scotland (1830). Strathconon Free Church of Scotland (1892), NH 317 550. Both John Mackie.
Strathpeffer, Free Church. Another view. NH 4831 5829. Both John Mackie. Grade B listed. Another view,
Peter Morgan (2021). Link. St. Anne (Episcopalian) is dated here to 1890-92. NH 4833 5803. John Mackie. Link. Grade B listed. Fodderty and Strathpeffer Parish Church (CoS) dates from 1888-90 (source). NH 4820 5798. John Mackie. Grade B listed.
Strathtongue, a disused church of (currently) unknown denomination. NC 618 596. Bill Henderson. Howard Richter has been consulting old maps and other sources, and provides the following approximate history : built on or before 1874, and up to the union in 1900, Free Church. From 1900 to 1929, United Free Church, and from 1929 until its closure (which was pre-1979), Church of Scotland.
Strathy, Church of Scotland (1910-11). NC 843 652. Bill Henderson. It was successor to this former Church of Scotland, now a private residence. Dating from 1826, it was one of Thomas Telford's churches. It went out of use when the present church was opened, pre-WW1. NC 835 652. Bill Henderson. Two additional views - 1, 2, both Martin Richter (2013). Grade C listed. Associated Presbyterian Church (originally Free Presbyterian, circa 1900, until 1989), previously listed as the Methodist Church. Thanks to Norman Campbell for the correction. The denominational website lists the congregation as "defunct". NC 830 656. Bill Henderson. Another view, Martin Richter (2013), and another,
Peter Morgan (2021). The former Free Church (1845) at NC 844 653. It shows as "Free Church" on the OS map of 1878, and still shows as "Free C of S" on the edition of 1975-6, so still active at that time. A benchmark on the building was created for the Ordnance Survey First Primary Levelling of Scotland (1844-60) - see here. Martin Richter (2013). Link1. Link2. Grade C(S) listed in 1984, and the text implies it was still active then.
Stromeferry, the old Church of Scotland, now a house. Martin Briscoe. The old Free Church - has this also been converted to a house? A 2009 Streetview confirms that it has - it now sports a window above a door which proclaims Stromeferry Lodge. NG 862 347. Martin Briscoe.
Strontian, Episcopal Church. Free Church (now a house). The former St. Mary (Episcopal) is now a private residence. All Martin Briscoe. Parish Church, built in 1823 by Telford, it is now shared with the Episcopalians. N. Argyll Extracts. Another view of the Episcopal Church. Peter Amsden.
Syre, Strathnaver Parish Church, a tin tabernacle, is dated here to 1891. It shows on older maps as Mission Hall. Another view. NC 6936 3293. Both
Chris Kippin (2021).

Tain, Church of Scotland. John Mackie. Link. St. Duthac. The presence of the remains of the Saint prompted the development of Tain as a centre of pilgrimage. Bill Henderson. Two interior views - 1, 2, both John Balaam (2014). Associated Presbyterian Church. Bill Henderson. Free Church of Scotland (1938). John Mackie. Link. St. Andrew (Episcopal, 1887). John Mackie.
Thrumster, the Parish Church. ND 333 447. Martin Briscoe.
Tomatin, Church of Scotland - one of the "Tin Churches". This source dates it to circa 1910, originally a United Free Church. NH 8027 2896. John Mackie. Another view,
Karel Kuča (2019). Free Presbyterian Church, John Mackie. Free Church, John Mackie.
Tongue, St. Andrew (Church of Scotland, O). NC 591 571. Bill Henderson. Another view, and the notice board, which gives a brief history. The board says the current church built in 1724, but the listing says 1680; other sources seem to plump for one or the other. Both Martin Richter (2013). Link1. Link2. Link3 (which has interior photos). Grade A listed.
Tornagrain, Petty Church of Scotland (originally Petty Free church, built 1848-50). NH 766 502. John Mackie. Two additional views - 1, 2, both Tim Flitcroft (2015). St. Columba. Martin Briscoe.

Ullapool, Church of Scotland, which stands at the corner of Mill Street and Market Street. NH 1303 9425. Bill Henderson. Grade C listing, which says that this was originally a Free Church. Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, on Market Street. NH 1281 9416. Tim Flitcroft (2012). Lochbroom Free Church, on Quay Street. NH 1274 9413. Tim Flitcroft (2017). Link. The former Church of Scotland (1829-1935) on West Argyll Street now serves as the town museum. NH 1270 9400. Tim Flitcroft (2017). Link. Grade A listed. Scottish Episcopal Church on Market Street. NH 1296 9420. Tim Flitcroft (2017). Link. The local Catholic Church - St. Martin of Tours - stands on Mill Street. NH 1308 9413. It can be seen on Streetview here, and is, according to this website, a fairly recent (1988) conversion from a bakery. Link.
Uppertown (Island of Stroma), cemetery with burial vault. ND 359 765. Martin Briscoe.
Urquhart, Highland, Ferintosh Free Church of Scotland - built 1843 with the tower added in 1907. An unusual feature for a church - a three-stall cast-iron urinal!! NH 674 647. Link. The former Church of Scotland, built 1795. NH 674 647. Both John Mackie.
Urray West Parish Church. NH 508 524. Martin Briscoe. Another view, Bill Henderson (2016). Link. Grade B listed. Free Church of Scotland. NH 524 502. Bill Henderson (2016). Link.

Watten, Free Church. Bill Henderson. Another view.  ND 243 547. Martin Briscoe.




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