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  Avoch, Highland      

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Congregational Church on High Street. It pre-dates a map of 1881, where it's labelled as Independent Chapel. NH 7021 5512. Martin Briscoe. Link.

Free Church, off Station Road. Old maps show that it was built between 1872 and 1906, when it was labelled as U.F. Church. However, this source says it opened in 1873. It's no longer a church, having been converted in the 1980's. NH 6985 5504. Martin Briscoe.

A Gospel Hall (2021 Streetview) stands on Shore Street. It's dated on the about us page to 1965, successor to a wooden hall on the same site dating from the 1940's. NH 7013 5494. Link.

Parish Church (CoS) on Braehead. According to this source, this is the third church on the site, dating from 1870. NH 7011 5523. Martin Briscoe. Link.







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