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Thurso, Highland

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Associated Presbyterian Church. Bill Henderson. When Peter Morgan visited in 2021, it had a sign identifying itself as Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Peter Morgan (2021).

Baptist Church. Bill Henderson.

The former Church of the United Original Secession on Princes Street, now in use as a cadet training centre. ND 1150 6818. Martin Briscoe.

Free Church of Scotland on Millbank Road. It's dated here to 1970. ND 1166 6777. Bill Henderson. Another view, Peter Morgan (2021).

Highland Christian Church (Pentecostal) on Millbank Road. Peter Morgan (2021). Link.

Old St. Peter's, on Wilson Lane, dates from the 13th century. A sign attached to the ruins provides dates of circa 1220-1832. ND 1204 6862. Bill Henderson. Another view, Martin Briscoe, and another, Alex Parker. Link.

St. Andrew. ND 117 685. Martin Briscoe.

St. Anne (R.C.) on  Sweyn Road. According to this source, it was dedicated in 1960. Peter Morgan (2021).

St. Peter and St. Andrew (Church of Scotland). ND 116 683. Bill Henderson.

St. Peter and the Holy Rood (Scottish Episcopal). ND 117 683. Bill Henderson.

Salvation Army Hall on Market Street. ND 1184 6867. Bill Henderson. A recent view, Peter Morgan (2021).

Thurso West Church on Sinclair Street and Robertson's Lane. Another view. ND 1149 6815. Both Peter Morgan (2021). Link.

U.R.C. on Castle Street and West Church Street. ND 1139 6847. Bill Henderson. Another view, Martin Briscoe, and another Peter Morgan (2021). Link.





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