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Applecross, Highland

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Church of Scotland. NG 7108 4170. Peter Amsden.

Free Church on Burnside. NG 7104 4179. Peter Amsden.

Free Presbyterian Church on Burnside. NG 7105 4181. Peter Amsden. Link.

St. Maelrubha, or Clachan Church, on the site of the ancient Applecross Monastery. An inside view. According to this source, it dates from 1855 as a Free Church, and was United Free from 1900 and CoS from 1929, but is now non-denominational, and only used for weddings etc., not regular services. NG 7135 4583. Both Peter Amsden. Older maps show a Chapel (Remains of) a little way north at NG 7139 4588. Not seen by Streetview, a photo is available here, where it's labelled as 15th century.





04 January 2024

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