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Dornoch, Highland

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Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Gilbert. NH 799 898. Martin Briscoe. Another view, Bill Henderson. Another view, and an interior view, both Alan Blacklock. Another two interiors - 1, 2, both Peter Morgan (2014). And an old postcard view (franked 1905), from Reg Dosell's Collection. And another, Rob Kinnon-Brettle (2016). Grade A listed.

Free Church. NH 799 896. Martin Briscoe.

Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. NH 770 907. Bill Henderson. Another view. Martin Briscoe.

St. Finnbarr (Episcopal). NH 7989. Bill Henderson. Another view, Peter Morgan (2014).

United Free Church. NH 794 898. Martin Briscoe.





04 March 2023

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