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South Ayrshire

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Alloway, Auld Kirk. Another view. Link. Parish Church (CoS). Link. All Jim Parker (2012).
Annbank, the Parish Church (opened 1903). Another view. NS 4074 2425. Both Martin Richter (2013). Link1. Link2.

Dailly, Parish Church. James Murray (2009).
Dundonald, Parish Church. James Murray (2009).

Fisherton, Parish Church. James Murray (2009).

Monkton, the Old Church (ruin). Martin Briscoe.
Mossblown, the former United Free Church on Annbank Road. Another view. Howard Richter advises that the church dates to the years before 1909, when it shows as U.F. Church on the OS map for that year, but not earlier than the late 1890's. On the 1960 map it shows as Rodger Memorial Ch., with a building at the rear marked as Hall - this has since been demolished. Somewhat confusingly, the sale notice appended to this entry now calls the church building itself Rodger Memorial Hall. NS 4024 2467. Sale notice. St. Ann (R.C.) on Annbank Road, with school attached at left. It doesn't show on OS maps until the 1909 edition. Another view. NS 4045 2452. Link. All Martin Richter (2013).


Straiton, St. Cuthbert (CoS). Another view. Both James Murray (2009).

Tarbolton, the Parish Church (CoS) on Cunningham Street. Built in 1821 on a medieval site, dating back to at least 1335. Another view. NS 430 272. Both Martin Richter (2013). Link. Grade A listed.





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