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West Dunbartonshire

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Balloch, Alexandria Parish Church, on Lomond Drive. Link. St. Kessog (R.C.) on Balloch Road, and the adjacent Church Hall. Link. Jamestown Parish Church on Mains Street, Jamestown, and the hall. Link. All Jim Parker (2014).
Bonhill, the Parish Church (CoS) on Main Street. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2014). Link.
Bowling, the former Parish Church on Dumbarton Road. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2014). Link.


Gartocharn, Kilmaronock Church (CoS). An 1813 re-build on an ancient site, this church is also known as the "Summer Church", as it is only used in the warmer months. Another view. NS 452 875. Link. Grade B listed. It should be no surprise that there is also a "Winter Church", which is in the village of Gartocharn, at NS 428 863. Built as a Relief Church in 1772, re-built 1911, it shows on the 1862 OS map as United Presbyterian. Another view. Grade B listed - beware the reference therein to this being the Summer Church, an error, which the history confirms. There is mention here (2010) of the proposed disposal of this church, but this news item (scroll to the end) implies the Summer/Winter alternation was still happening in 2013. All Martin Richter (2013).

Kilmaronock - see Gartocharn above.

Old Kilpatrick, Old Kilpatrick and Bowling Parish Church on Dumbarton Road. Link1. Link2. St. Patrick (R.C.) on Dumbarton Road. Link. The former Secession Church on Dumbarton Road. Grade B listed. All Jim Parker (2014).

Renton, Trinity Parish Church on Alexander Street. The Church Hall is on John Street. Link. Grade B listed. The former Millburn Free Church (ruins) on Main Street. Another view. Grade A listed. St. Martin of Tours (R.C.) on Main Street. Another view. Link. All Jim Parker (2014).





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