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Towcester, Northamptonshire

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The former Baptist Church (1877, opened 1878, closed 2001). Another view. SP 6952 4845. Both © Howard Richter (2015). Link - a good history. It also has the unexpected and interesting remark that in 1938 "Mr May reported that the Welsh Services held in this Church in the future would be all in Welsh".

The former Particular Baptist Chapel (1853-1894), now in commercial use. Another view. SP 691 490. Both © Howard Richter (2015).

Methodist Church, originally built as Wesleyan circa 1809, and re-built in 1893. Two additional views - 1, 2. All © Howard Richter (2015). Link1, and some history here.

The former St. George (R.C.) stands opposite the Baptist Church (see above). © Howard Richter (2015). Link, from which "A Nissen hut given by Lord Hesketh was opened as St. George’s on 20th February 1949".

St. Lawrence on Chantry Lane. Another view. SP 694 487. Both © Howard Richter (2015). Another view, © David Regan (2018). Link1. Link2. Link3 - the timeline is interesting. Grade I listed.

St. Thomas More (R.C.). Built in 1846 as an Independent Chapel, its date of closure is not currently known, but it was taken over by the present congregation in 1976. 1, 2. All © Howard Richter (2015). Link. Link2. Grade II listed.

Standing behind the Baptist Church (see above) is this building, the square part of which has the look of chapel about it. Described by its owner to Howard as a former Methodist Chapel, he has been unable to find any documentary evidence to confirm this, or give any additional information about it. If it is a predecessor of the Wesleyan Chapel (see Methodist, above), then it presumably dates to before 1809. Another view. Both © Howard Richter (2015).










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