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Thurnscoe, South Yorkshire

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The now demolished Central Hall Methodist Church which stood on Houghton Road. Bill Henderson. The National Archives references documents pertaining to the chapel for the years 1906-1993. The various Streetviews show that the demolition was between April 2011 and May 2018. The site remains vacant. SE 4557 0569. David Regan (2022). Interior views can be found here and here. News story.

Emmanuel Pentecostal Church has met in the Houghton Road Community Centre since 2004. SE 4554 0577. This source (scroll down) mentions their previous church on Chapel Street (registered in 1932). This was perhaps in the Wesleyan Chapel, for which see below. David Regan (2022).

The former Mission Church on Kingsway. SE 4530 0551. David Regan (2022).

The former Primitive Methodist Chapel on Coronation Road. This source mention records from 1906-1965. SE 4628 0553. David Regan (2022).

St. Helen. SE 4501 0562. Bill Henderson. Another view, David Regan (2022). Link. Grade II listed.

The former St. Hilda on Hanover Street (1934-2017). Another view. SE 4632 0620. Its predecessor, also St. Hilda, was a tin tabernacle (built by 1931) on Lidgett Lane. The site is now occupied by Thurnscoe Family Centre. SE 4598 0558. All David Regan (2022). Link.

The site (the new house) of the Salvation Army building on Queen Street. It's dated here to 1925-1980, and appears to have been undergoing demolition when the Streetview van paid its only visit in 2009. SE 4609 0546. David Regan (2022).

A Spiritualist Church shows on an O.S. map of 1950, set back from the south side of High Street, at about SE 4515 0544. It was probably Holiness Hall, mentioned here (scroll down to Thurnscoe) as having been registered in about 1929. The area was almost undeveloped at the time, but has now been built up, and the site now stands on Hickleton Court, roughly between the houses seen in a Streetview from  2009.

The site of the demolished Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Chapel Street. Old maps date its erection to between 1890 and 1904. SE 4526 0574. David Regan (2022).






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