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Thornaby-on-Tees, North Yorkshire

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Baptist Church, which (from old maps) must date from the late 1920's or 1930's. Another view. NZ 454 172. Both Martin Richter (2011).

Christ the King (R.C.). Another view. NZ 458 161. This news article implies that the church opened in 1970. Both Martin Richter (2011). Link.

Methodist Church. Two further views - 1, 2. This is likely the replacement for the demolished Cleveland Methodist Church (built as Wesleyan), which stood on Mandale Road at about NZ 455 182, and which was still standing in 1969, according to a dated map of that year. The site is now under the A66 dual carriageway. NZ 462 162. All Martin Richter (2011). Link (for the play centre). News story about lead theft.

People's Mission on Peel Street stands on the site of a Primitive Methodist Chapel. It was preceded by an earlier People's Mission on New Street. Maps show that the area has been redeveloped, so it probably no longer exists. Another view. NZ 452 178. Both Martin Richter (2011). Link.

St. Luke (consecrated 1904) superseded a Mission Church nearby. Another view. NZ 458 179. Both Martin Richter (2011). Link. Grade II* listed. Closed in 2013 - see disposal notice.

St. Mark the Evangelist. Three further views - 1, 2, 3. The church may date from the mid-1960's, as one reference suggests that the registers may begin in 1966. NZ 457 159. All Martin Richter (2011). Link.

St. Patrick (R.C.). Three further views - 1, 2, 3. NZ 454 180. All Martin Richter (2011). Link.

St. Paul the Apostle. Built 1858, and tower added in 1898. Some sources (including British listed buildings, see link at end of entry) give 1887-8 as the building date, but Howard Richter argues (from map and other evidence) that this is not convincing. Another view. NZ 451 176. Both Martin Richter (2011). Grade II listed - link.

St. Peter ad Vincula, Apostle. Another view. NZ 451 164. Both Martin Richter (2011). Link. Grade II* listed - link.

The Salvation Army Hall on Westbury Street was originally a Baptist Chapel. It changed hands sometime between 1928 and 1960 (from old maps). It stands adjacent to St. Patrick, and is visible in one of the photos in that entry. Three further views - 1, 2, 3. NZ 454 180. All Martin Richter (2011).

Shri Guru Nanak Gurdwara and Sikh Community on Allensway. NZ 464 161. Martin Richter (2011).

Thornaby Mosque on Westbury Street. Another view. It was a conversion from domestic residences some time after 1984. NZ 454 177. Both Martin Richter (2011).




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