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Thirsk, North Yorkshire

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St. Mary. Another view. SE 427 823. Both Steve Bulman. Another view, and another, interior view, St. Anne's Chapel, the altar, all James Murray. Link.

All Saints (R.C.). SE 427 819. Steve Bulman. Another view. James Murray.

Presumed former church (almost opposite the Catholic Church), now a carpet shop. Steve Bulman. Howard Richter has advised that old maps show a "Meth. Chap." here. A directory from 1879 says Primitive Methodist, and this link says that the P.M. chapel was built in 1851, replacing an earlier building. An 1856 map has "Ebenezer Chapel" at about the right place, so this was probably originally Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Chapel.

The difficult-to-photograph Friends' Meeting House. James Murray.

St. James Green Methodist Church. James Murray.




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