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Sanday, Orkney Islands

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Broughtown, the Cross and Burness Parish Church. HY 659 408. Martin Briscoe. In this more recent view it has a sign saying that it is the Parish Church (CoS) for the island. Peter Amsden (2010).

How, the remains of the former Cross Parish Church. HY 654 392. Martin Briscoe.

Laminess, Old Church. There is a date above the door, 1909. HY 620 373. Martin Briscoe. Kevin Price advises that this is the former Baptist Church, and is currently (2011) up for sale.

Northwall, the disused church at HY 739 440. Martin Briscoe. In this more recent view the building has obviously undergone some repairs. Can you advise its current usage? Peter Amsden (2010).

Silverhall, the former Lady Parish Church, and the "Devil's Fingerprints"!! HY 677 400. Both Martin Briscoe.





04 March 2023

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