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  Salford, Greater Manchester

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Salford has a good selection of past and present photos of churches, chapels and convents. This 2015 article discusses the proposals to reduce the number of Catholic parishes in Salford diocese.

Churches in Agecroft, Broughton Park, Charlestown, Higher Broughton, Hope, Irlams o' th' Height, Kersal, Lower Broughton, Ordsall, Pendlebury, Pendleton, Swinton, Wardley, Weaste.

Cathedral Church of St. John the Evangelist (R.C.) on Chapel Street. SJ 828 986. Mike Berrell. Another view. Rob Brettle. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3, all Mike Berrell (2010).

Former Chapel on Langworthy Road, now a medical practice. SJ 806 993. Mike Berrell. Janet Gimber has advised that this was Methodist.

Chapel Street and Hope United Reformed Church (originally Independent, dating from 1819) on Chapel Street. SJ 832 986. Mike Berrell. Another view, Rob Brettle. Interior view, Mike Berrell (2010). This photo of a photo shows the previous interior, Mike Berrell (2010), and reproduced by kind permission of the church. An un-dated news article discusses plans to split the church into mixed use - residential and worship space.

Former Church on Westerham Avenue, Liverpool Street. SJ 813 985. Mike Berrell. Can you advise its denomination?

Higher Crumpsall and Higher Broughton Synagogue (Ashkenazi Orthodox) on Bury Old Road. Four interior views 1, 2, 3, 4. SD 837 020. All Mike Berrell. A window. Mike Berrell (2010). Link.

The Hope Church, Peel Hall, University of Salford. SJ 820 987. Mike Berrell. Link.

Living Word meet at the Angel Centre on St. Philip's Place. SJ 829 986. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

New Harvest Christian Fellowship, on Chapel Street and Trinity Way. SJ 830 986. Mike Berrell. Link

Sacred Trinity (1752) on Chapel Street. SJ 835 987. Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2 - and the war memorial. Mike advises that the total of names here is over 1000. All Mike Berrell (2010). Link.

St. Ambrose (on Liverpool Street) was demolished in 2008. SJ 807 985. Philip Kapp. Link.

St. Ann at Brindle Heath, built 1866 and demolished 1969. Photo Mike Berrell, and reproduced from the parish magazine by kind permission of the church warden of St. Thomas, Pendleton (the mother church). SJ 809 998.

St. Ignatius (CoE) on St. Ignatius Walk, now derelict, having closed in or about 2002. SJ 819 978. Mike Berrell.

St. Mary the Virgin (1758) on Ellenbrook Road, Ellenbrook. SD 726 015. Mike Berrell.

St. Philip with St. Stephen, formerly St. Philip (built 1825), on St. Philip's Square. St. Stephen closed in 1962. SJ 826 986. Mike Berrell. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3, and a floor mosaic, all Mike Berrell (2010), who also advises that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church meet here. Link.

Salford Central U.R.C. on Trafford Road. SJ 813 978. Mike Berrell. I was advised in 2022 that the church had been demolished, and the URC/Oasis, Media City Church and Secondary School built on the site. A 2013 news story about the demolition dates the church to 1907. 

Salford Religious Centre for Spiritualism on Liverpool Street. SJ 814 984. Mike Berrell.

The surviving tower of Stowell Memorial Church (CoE) on Eccles New Road. SJ 813 981. Mike Berrell.

A painting of the now-demolished Union Baptist Church, which stood on Great Clowes Street and Moss Street. SJ 829 002. The site is now occupied by the Church of the Nazarene (see above), which is where the picture now hangs. Reproduced by kind permission of the pastor of the church.

Victory Outreach UK Church on Liverpool Street. SJ 823 981. Mike Berrell (2012). Link.


Agecroft Cemetery on Langley Road, the disused CoE Mortuary Chapel. Mike Berrell (2011). The Crematorium Chapel (1957, previously the Non-Conformist Mortuary Chapel). SD 807 018. Mike Berrell. By Mike's next visit, various improvement works had been carried out. Two interior views - 1, 2. All Mike Berrell (2013). Link.
Ohel (mortuary chapel) in Agecroft Jewish Cemetery, Langley Road. Holocaust Memorial Wall. One part of the wall lists many of the places associated with the holocaust. Plaque commemorating the opening. SJ 805 016. All Mike Berrell (2011).

Broughton Park
Bethel Apostolic Ark Church on Hamilton Hall, Tetlow Lane. This was originally the Church Hall to St. Mark, Cheetham Hill, built 1931. SD 836 015. Mike Berrell (2011).
Central and North Manchester Synagogue (Ashkenazi Orthodox) on Leicester Road. SD 833 011. Mike Berrell (2010). Link.
The former Congregational Church (1874) on Waterpark Road, now flats. SD 832 021. Mike Berrell (2011).
Dormition of the Holy Mother of God (Ukrainian Catholic) on Bury Old Road. SD 83651 02015. Mike Berrell (2008).
Manchester Great New and Central Synagogue (Ashkenazi Orthodox) on Singleton Road and Holden Road. SD 825 022. Mike Berrell. Main Schul and Weekday Schul. Both Mike Berrell (2010). Link.

Good News Assembly (Pentecostal) on Douglas Green was previously St. George (CoE), which closed in 2006. Interior view. SD 812 001. Both Mike Berrell.
The remains of St. George, on St. George's Place - the rest was demolished. SD 813 001. Mike Berrell.
St. Sebastian (R.C.), on Gerald Rd. SD 814 001. Mike Berrell. Another view, and the interior, both Mike Berrell (2016).

Higher Broughton.

Elmwood Church (Evangelical Alliance), on Eccles Old Road and Wilton Road. SJ 786 992. Mike Berrell. Link.
Hope Hospital Interdenominational Chapel on Stott Lane. Muslim Prayer Room. Both are interior views only. SJ 786 991. Both Mike Berrell.
St. James (1861) on Eccles Old Road. Interior view. SJ 788 991. Both Mike Berrell.

Irlams o' th' Height
Height Methodist Church on King Street. SD 796 004. Mike Berrell.
Holy Angels (CoE; services also held here by Salford Elim Church). It was consecrated in 1928 to commemorate the intervention of angels at the battle of Mons in WWI. The present building replaced the earlier one, though the dedication was retained. SD 798 001. Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2010).
St. Luke (R.C.) on Swinton Park Road. Interior view. SD 793 005. Both Mike Berrell.


Lower Broughton
Church of the Ascension (CoE) on Ascension Road, Lower Broughton. SJ 826 999. Philip Kapp. Another view, Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2013). Grade II listed. The church was destroyed in a fire in February 2017 - news item.
NAZ Community Hall, where meet the Pentecost Baptist Church Manchester (True Believers Baptist Church). It was built as Church of the Nazarene (in about 1990), on Great Clowes Street, Lower Broughton, on the site of Union Baptist Church. Interior view. SJ 829 002. Both Mike Berrell. Link.
St. Boniface (R.C., 1961) on St. Boniface Road. SJ 823 999. Anne Swindells. Another view ( Mike Berrell, 2013) who advises that the building is now abandoned because of asbestos. The congregation now meet in the adjacent St. Boniface's Chapel. Interior view. SJ 823 999. Both Mike Berrell (2013). A news item on proposed church closures.
St. Clement with St. Matthias (CoE) on Broughton Lane. SJ 832 999. Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2013).
Winners' Chapel International Manchester at Pinnacle House on Broughton Lane. SJ 832 999. Mike Berrell (2013). Link.

St. Clement on Hulton Street, Ordsall. Two interior views- 1, 2. SJ 818 973. All Mike Berrell. Link.
St. Joseph (R.C.) on St. Joseph's Drive, Ordsall. SJ 815 977. Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2016).

Pendlebury, Pendleton, Swinton.

All Saints on Charles Street. Interior view. SD 768 022. Both Mike Berrell.
Wardley Cemetery Chapel (R.C.). SJ 759 022 at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery on Wardley Hall Road, Wardley. Anne Swindells. Another view. Interior view. Both Mike Berrell.





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