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Richmond, North Yorkshire

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The former Congregational Church, now a Community Office. James Murray.

Holy Trinity. Now mostly given over to a museum to the Green Howards, the church still retains a small chapel (CoE). James Murray.

King's Church, housed in Richmond Town Hall. James advises that the King's Church was founded in Richmond in 1997 as an Independent Fellowship of the Baptist/Community Church Tradition, and first met in Richmond's King's Head Hotel. James Murray. Link.

The ruins of the Franciscan Richmond Friary, the 15th century Grey Friars Tower. James Murray. Link.

Richmond Methodist Church. Alan Blacklock. Another view. James Murray.

St. Francis Xavier (R.C.). Bill Henderson.

St. Mary. Alan Blacklock. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Kenneth Paver. Link.

Possible former church. This stands behind a pub on the "square". NZ 172 009. Steve Bulman. My appreciation to Janet Gimber, who has advised that this was Wesleyan Methodist, and is now a block of flats.




04 March 2023

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