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Pickering, North Yorkshire

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The former Methodist Chapel, now a theatre. Tom Halstead.

Pickering Castle has a small Chapel of St. Nicholas. Another view, and the interior. All Mike Forbester.

Pickering Methodist Church, originally Primitive Methodist, dates from 1885. SE 795 840. Steve Bulman. Grade II listed.

Quaker Meeting House, Tom Halstead.

St. Joseph (R.C., 1911). SE 794 841. Steve Bulman. Interior view, Mike Forbester. Grade II listed.

A detail of St. Peter and St. Paul. A nightmare to photograph, thickly surrounded by mature trees. SE 798 840. Graham Pickles. Happily, I've obtained an old postcard, the photo for which was evidently taken before the trees were planted. From Steve Bulman's Collection. An interior view, and a wall-painting (St. George killing the dragon), both Kenneth Paver. Another view, and three additional views of the wall-paintings - 1, 2, 3, all John Balaam (2013). Link. Grade I listed.

U.R.C. SE 797 839. Steve Bulman.




04 March 2023

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