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Oundle, Northamptonshire                

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The theatre on West Street is a former Independent/Congregational Chapel of 1852. TL 0383 8812. Gerard Charmley (2023). Grade II listed.

Methodist Church on Drumming Well Lane. TL 0400 8820. Graeme Harvey. Another view, Gerard Charmley (2023). Link. The church website history page describes their building as a former telephone exchange, with their previous home, dating from 1842, as being the former Wesleyan Chapel on West Street. It's now in use as a clothes shop. TL 0400 8810. Gerard Charmley (2023).

The cemetery on Stoke Doyle Road has a double Mortuary Chapel (2009 Streetview). The western (leftmost) part, which is marked on older maps as nonconformist, is at TL 0325 8798, the right hand end, with spire (CoE), is at TL 0326 8798.

Oundle Baptist Church meets for services in Oundle Primary School (2021 Streetview) in Cotterstock Road. TL 0350 8939. Link.

Oundle School Chapel on Milton Road. TL 0383 8835. Aidan McRae Thomson. Grade II* listed, wherein it's dated to 1922-3, by Blomfield.

St. Peter on North Street. TL 0420 8820. Aidan McRae Thomson. Another view, Graeme Harvey. Link. Grade I listed.

The Most Holy Name of Jesus (R.C.) on West Street was seen by Streetview in 2023 - 1, 2.  Its grade II listing dates it to 1879-9 (sic). Link, which explains that it was originally Anglican, consecrated in 1879, and closed circa 1960. It was subsequently bought by the catholic church in about 1971. It also says that it stands on the site of the medieval Chapel of St. Thomas of Canterbury. It lists a number of secular venues where services were held in the early years, and before moving into their present home had met in St. Wilfrid's (the former Zion, see below) from 1956. TL 0368 8810.

The former Zion Strict Baptist Chapel on West Street and Victoria Yard. It has a date-stone for 1852, and Gerard advises that the congregation had originally formed in 1800. It was later a Catholic Church (see the entry above), but has since been converted into housing. TL 0377 8812. Gerard Charmley (2023).






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