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Northallerton, North Yorkshire

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All Saints has fabric from each of the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries, and underwent a restoration in the 19th. SE 367 942. Bill Henderson. Link. Grade I listed.

There was a Baptist Chapel in Marshall's Yard. Can you advise where Marshall's Yard is or was, and whether the building survives? See also the entry for the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, below.

Evangelical Church. Alan Blacklock.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Romanby Road, which seems to date from the late 1990's. SE 3645 9360. Howard Richter (2016). Link.

Methodist Church. Howard Richter has established that this church was opened in 1865, the foundation stone having been laid in June of the previous year. Alan Blacklock. Link.

New Life Baptist Church, in a former cinema. The cinema (The Lyric - for a little history, see here and here) opened in 1939, and closed in 1995. The Baptists arrived in 1998. An interior photo is available here. SE 367 943. Steve Bulman. Link.

A Primitive Methodist Chapel occupied what had been a theatre from 1834 until 1889. The theatre itself dates from circa 1800, and it stands at the end of the yard behind the Tickle Toby pub, opposite the west end of Zetland Street. Two further views - 1, 2, the latter of which also shows the U.R.C. SE 3681 9383. Grade II listed. The chapel was succeeded by a newly built Primitive Methodist Chapel (1889 - date-stone). Following the merger with the Wesleyans and United Methodists in 1932, it was known as South End Chapel, and it was in use until 1964, when it too was replaced by another newly built church, this time at Romanby (for which see Romanby on the North Yorkshire page). As can be seen in this photo, there were other buildings attached - they were presumably demolished to allow the building of the adjacent Tesco supermarket. The west front originally faced the road, but is now partly hidden by more recent buildings. SE 3697 9375. All Howard Richter (2016).

Sacred Heart (R.C., 1934) on Thirsk Road. Two additional views - 1, 2. SE 3697 9325. A previous Sacred Heart (1871) stood on Malpas Road (then called Back Station Street) at about SE 3667 9364. All Howard Richter (2015). Link.

U.R.C (1819). SE 368 938. Steve Bulman. Two additional views - 1, 2, and the nearby Sunday school. Note that although the grade II listing for the school states a date 1852, the date-stone clearly says 1858. All Howard Richter (2016). Link. Grade II listed (church).

The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (1796) on Bake-house Corner. The building was taken over by Baptists who moved here from a chapel in Marshall's Yard, though there is a conflict in the sources as to the date of this. The VCH says that the Wesleyans moved to a new chapel in 1885 (the Methodist Chapel, above, looks to be a good candidate for this), but Genuki quotes here that the Baptists took over the church in 1866 when it was already disused. Howard suspects that the Baptists did move in soon after the Methodists vacated the premises (i.e. in the mid 1860's), but that the ownership remained with the Methodists until 1885. Map evidence indicates that it was still Wesleyan in 1857; by 1894 it had become Baptist (General), and was still Baptist for the 1938 edition. The 1956-7 map has it as the non-specific "Ch", and by 1969 it had become a Masonic Hall. SE 370 941. Howard Richter (2016).





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