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Normanby, North Yorkshire

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Normanby Methodist Church ( Ken Roddam, 2007) on Cleveland Street and Patten Street was built in 2005, and replaced an earlier church of ca. 1900 which was demolished ca. 2003. Normanby Local History Group (ca. 2003). NZ 547 181.
The 1900 church was the successor to the original Methodist Church on a site further along Cleveland Street. This photo was published in a 50th Anniversary Booklet in 1937, but Ken advises that it is unclear if the anniversary refers to the building, or the Methodist movement in Normanby, and the original date of the photograph is also not given. It continued in use as a church hall until around the time the present church was opened. Ken suspects it may also have held some services during the construction of the new church. It was subsequently demolished. Photo Normanby Local History Group.

St. George. NZ 544 190. Ken Roddam.

The former St. Gregory the Great (R.C.) has undergone refurbishment, and as of 30/11/2008 is now a Salvation Army Citadel. NZ 549 179. Ken Roddam.





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