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Melrose, Borders

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The Abbey. Another view. Both Bill McKenzie. Another view, James Denham. The following are all James Murray (2009) - another general view. The chancel. This view shows the pulpitum (the stone screen) which divided the nave (public) part of the church from the chancel, which can be seen behind. One of the Abbey's most famous gargoyles is the bagpipes-playing pig. Link.

The former Congregational Church on Weirhill. Pevsner dates it to 1878. There were warning signs to keep out of the dangerous building, and others implying either upcoming conversion to residential use and/or demolition and redevelopment. Another view. NT 54105 34246. Both Steve Bulman (2019).

Holy Trinity (Episcopal) on High Cross Avenue. NT 53996 34217. Bill McKenzie. Another view, James Denham. Another view, two of the interior - 1, 2, the East window, and the font, all Steve Bulman (2019).

Melrose Parish Church on Weirhill. NT 54330 34341. Bill McKenzie. Another view, James Denham. Link.

St. Cuthbert (R.C.) on High Cross Avenue. Pevsner lists this as High Cross Church, and dates it to 1866, originally as a United Presbyterian Church. James Denham. Another view, Steve Bulman (2019).





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