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Mapplewell and Staincross, South Yorkshire    

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All Saints Mission Church is shown on a map of 1893 vintage (surveyed in 1891). The building seems to have survived until 1904 at least, when it's shown (but not labelled) on a map surveyed in that year. Indeed, I wonder if it still survives, as I think it stood where the building society is in this Streetview from 2021 - behind the frontage is an old building. SE 3308 1006.

The former Bethel Protestant Methodist Chapel on Spark Lane is marked on a map of 1906 as Free United. Dated here to 1829-1955, it has been converted into housing. SE 3282 0985. David Regan (2022).

The site of the Greenside Primitive Methodist Chapel, on Greenside. Dated here to 1903, and closing in 2001 when the new Methodist Church opened. SE 3309 1017. The same source says that it had a predecessor "set back from what was then Staincross Common Lane (now New Road) near its junction with Greenside", and now "in use as an outbuilding". A map of 1894 shows it, at circa SE 3312 1038. I haven't been able to identify it from Streetview. David Regan (2022).

A former Providence Methodist New Connexion Chapel stands on Spark Lane at SE 3296 0995. This source dates it to 1868-1966, and says it was successor to an earlier chapel on what is now Town Gate in 1800. It specifies its site as now being where Foster's Bakery stands - it can be seen in a Streetview from 2009. As it's a large site, its grid reference can only be approximate - SE 328 100. David Regan (2022).

St. John the Evangelist (1896-7) on Greenside. It's labelled on older maps as St. John's Mission Church. SE 3317 1029. Bill Henderson. Another view, David Regan (2022). Link.

Staincross Christian Fellowship meet in a former Wesleyan Reform Chapel on Spark Lane. It has a date-stone for 1907. SE 3296 0995. Both David Regan (2022). This source mentions a predecessor of 1857 on the opposite side of Spark Lane, and locates it where a Budgens stood until recently. It's changed hands but is still a supermarket, seen here in a Streetview from 2021. SE 3294 0999.

Staincross Methodist Church on Blacker Road. It dates from 2001. SE 3311 1004. David Regan (2022). Link.

The town had two Wesleyan Methodist Chapels. The first, on Pit Lane End at Blacker, is dated here to 1804. It was converted into two houses, seen by Streetview in 2011. SE 3337 0991. Its replacement of 1914 (closed 1999) stood at the junction of School Street with Blacker Road, at SE 3315 1006. Housing now stands on the site. David Regan (2022).






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