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Malton, North Yorkshire

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Baptist Church (1822). David Regan (2011). Link.

The former Congregational Church (the white building with 5 first-floor windows). The methodist church can be seen further along the road. David Regan (2011).

Friends Meeting House. David Regan (2011).

Methodist Chapel - difficult to photograph. David Regan (2011). Link.

St. Leonard with St. Mary (R.C.). Bill Henderson. Another view. Tom Halstead. An information board explains that this 12th century church (St. Leonard) was a chapel-of-ease to the priory at Old Malton, and gifted to the Catholic Church in 1971. The tower. Colin Waters Collection.

St. Michael. Steve Watson. Another view. Colin Waters Collection. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Kenneth Paver.




04 March 2023

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