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Lymm, Cheshire

Lymm on Wikipedia.

Baptist Church (1851). Bruce Read. Another view, Gerard Charmley (2012). Link.

The former Cherry Lane Particular Baptist Chapel (1819), on Cherry Lane, now in commercial use. SJ 663 850. Gerard Charmley (2012). Another view, Mike Berrell (2013).

Methodist Church on Eagle Brow. Another view. Both Iain Taylor (2013). Link. Iain also remembers New Road Methodist Church, which he thinks was demolished in the mid-1980's (a map still shows it standing in 1982). Photos are available here.

The former Primitive Methodist Chapel now serves as a church hall for the Methodist Church (see above). Gerard Charmley (2012).

St. Winefride (R.C.). Previously and incorrectly listed as St. Joseph. Thanks to Geoff Riley for the correction. Bruce Read.

St. Mary on Church Road. SJ 687 867. Bruce Read. Another view, and two interiors - 1, 2, all Mike Berrell (2013). Another view. Iain Taylor (2013). Link.

Sion Independent Methodist Church on Cherry Lane. Bruce Read. Link.

U.R.C. Bruce Read. Link.





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