The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Loughor, Swansea                                     

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All photos  Jim Parker.

Bryn Hall Evangelical Church on Bryn Road. The just-visible inscription beneath the apex of the roof reads "Bryn Road Gospel Hall".

Jireh Evangelical Church on Castle Street. The inscription has dates 1927 and 1988. Link.

Moriah Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist) on Glebe Road. Memorial to Evan Roberts, a leading figure in the 1904 Welsh Revival.

Penuel Baptist Church on Glebe Road.

Pisgah Free Presbyterian Church on Brynmor Road. News item, with video.

St. David (CiW) on Glebe Road.

St. Michael (CiW) on Station Road.

Soar Independent Chapel on Pengry Road.





04 March 2023

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