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Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire     

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Stoke church history.

Bethel Church (originally Bethel Temple) on Dunrobin Street dates from 1933. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010). See also Dresden Elim Church on the Stoke page.

Church of the Holy Evangelists at Normacot. Chris Emms (2010). Another view. SJ 920 424. Chris Emms (2009). Another view. BereniceUK (2010). Link.

The former Longton Baptist Church, now flats. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010).

Longton Cemetery Chapel (disused). SJ 908 428. Chris Emms (2009).

Longton Community Church, originally Congregational (1905). Gervase N. E. Charmley (2009).

Longton Spiritualist Church (1995) on Normacot Road. It was successor to an older church on Lightwood Road, demolished as part of road works. SJ 912 432. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2009). Link.

Methodist Central Hall was largely re-built in 1933 around an existing Wesleyan chapel (1842), with a new frontage and extra rooms having been built on. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2009).

St. James the Less on Uttoxeter Road. Chris Emms (2009).

St. Mary and St. Chad. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2009).

St. Paul (R.C.). Gervase N. E. Charmley (2009).

Unitarian Church on Stone Road, interior view. This, and many other old engravings on this website, are reproduced from the downloadable books on the Unitarian Church Headquarters website here. The books are Pictures of Unitarian Churches by Emily Sharpe (1901) and the 1914 edition of Nonconformist Church Architecture by Ronald P. Jones M.A, (Oxon), and the images are reproduced by kind permission of James Barry of Unitarian Church Headquarters. My appreciation also to Mike Berrell for his efforts in this regard.

U.R.C. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010).





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