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  Lochee, Dundee, Dundee City

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Balgay Parish Church (CoS) on Lochee Road. Jim Parker (2012). Link.

Central Baptist Church, Lochee Centre on Bright Street. This was previously Lochee Baptist Church, but is now part of the Central Baptist Church. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2012). Link.

Christian Assembly Hall on Liff Road. Jim Parker (2012). Link.

Church of the Immaculate Conception St. Mary (R.C.) on St. Mary's Lane. Jim Parker (2012). Link.

City Church on Tullidelph Road. Built as St. Francis Friary in 1933 and 1958. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2012). Link1. Link2.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Harefield Road. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2012). Link.

Of St. Anne's Convent of Mercy, on Lawside Road, all that can be seen from publicly accessible places is the sign. Jim Parker (2012). Link.

Lochee Old and St. Luke's Parish Church (CoS) on Methven Street. Jim Parker (2012). The complicated history of amalgamations and name changes can be seen on this link.

Lochee West Parish Church (CoS, 1871) on High Street. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2012). Link.

The former St. Joseph's Convent Chapel (R.C.) on Liff Road. Now a nursing home ran by the Little Sisters of the Poor. Jim Parker (2012). Link.

St. Margaret (Episcopal, 1888) on Ancrum Road. Jim Parker (2012). Link.





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