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Llansannan, Conwy

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Bethania Chapel. SH 9336 6573. Martin Briscoe. 2009 Streeview. The Coflein entry advises a re-building date of 1907, there having been earlier chapels of 1828 and 1884.

The site of Capel Aled (Independent) can be seen on a 2009 Streetview. Howard Richter advises that the house occupies the same footprint as the chapel, but whether anything survives of it is so far not known. SH 93498 65860. The Coflein entry dates the chapel to 1829.

Capel Coffa (Independent). Janet Gimber advises that this is (or was) also known as Capel Hiraethog. It was built in 1903 in memory of the Rev. W. Rees - Gwilym Hiraethog, poet and author. Present status uncertain. Martin Briscoe. SH 9351 6581. A 2018 Streetview. Coflein entry.

Capel Coffa Henry Rees (Calvinistic Methodist). SH 9328 6576. Martin Briscoe. The Coflein entry gives it a date of 1914, a re-build of the earlier 1811 chapel. A 2009 Streetview.

Capel Glan-Rhŷd (Chapel and Sunday School, Calvinistic Methodist) stands in isolation about two miles south of the village. It can be seen here on a 2009 Streetview. SH 9380 6328. The Coflein entry dates it to circa 1880.

Standing in isolation about two miles south-west of Llansannen stands Capel Nant Wnen (Calvinistic Methodist). It can be seen on a 2009 Streetview here. SH 9112 6410. The Coflein entry gives a date of circa 1880.

Another isolated chapel is the former Capel Pen-Y-Cefn (Calvinistic Methodist) which stands about three miles south of the village at SH 9489 6153. Now converted to residential use, a 2009 Streetview of it can be seen here. The Coflein entry advises that the present building is a re-build of about 1900, it having been originally built about fifty years earlier.

St. Sannan. SH 9340 6590. Martin Briscoe. The Coflein entry advises that the church was mentioned in a document dated 1254. Grade II* listed. The lychgate is separately listed as Grade II.




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