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Llanrwst, Conwy

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Dolwar Rest Chapel. SH 799 609. Martin Briscoe.

Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru. SH 800 619.  Martin Briscoe.

Penuel Baptist Chapel (1881). SH 7968 6190. Martin Briscoe. Coflein entry.

St. Grwst (CiW). SH 798 616. Martin Briscoe. Link1. Link2. Grade I Listed.

Seion Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist/Presbyterian, 1895). SH 798 618. Martin Briscoe. Interior view here.

Tabernacl Chapel (Independent/Congregational). SH 798 619. Martin Briscoe.

Howard Richter has advised of some other churches and chapels in the town.
Two are still active -
Good Shepherd (R.C.). SH 7997 6197. The Coflein entry gives a building date of circa 1956. Streetview.
Horeb (Wesleyan Methodist). SH 79695 61795. The Coflein entry gives this a date of 1884, the fourth chapel on the site, the earlier ones being
of 1805, 1837, and 1866. Streetview.

Three more chapels survive, in secular use -

A Baptist Chapel (1805) at SH 8002 6192. Coflein entry. The 2016 Streetview shows it in use as a Guide's Hut. Note the line of slate gravestones along the sides of the parking area.
Ebenezer Independent Chapel
(1880-1939) was in use for some time as a Masonic Hall, but was subsequently offered for sale. SH 7996 6151. Coflein entry. Streetview.
About a mile north-east of the tow
n at Pentre-Tafarn-y-Fedw lies the converted Zion Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. SH 8116 6245. Now in residential use, its Coflein entry gives it a date of 1887, with conversion "by 1990". A 2018 Streetview.

Four chapels have been demolished -

St. James (English Wesleyan Methodist) stood at SH 79647 61968. The Coflein entry is a bit vague with dates - "between 1875-1900 and was demolished c.1980".
St. Tudwal (R.C.), and presumably the predecessor of Good Shepherd) stood at SH 79655 61943. This Coflein entry is also vague with dates, saying it w
as "built pre-1913. Status (2002): unknown". The sites of both St. Tudwal and St. James can be seen in this 2014 Streetview - St. James on the left corner, and St. Tudwal on the right corner. Two other chapels are also visible in this view - turn right to look along the road, and Penuel is on the left (above the white car), with Horeb on the opposite side of the road in the distance.
St. Mary (English Anglican, 1841-2) stood at SH 8015 6135. Although the church was demolished, some foundations remain in situ, visible in the distance in this 2016 Streetview. An old postcard of the church can be seen here. Coflein entry.
Tabernacl (presumably the predecessor of the Tabernacl towards the top of this page) stood at SH 8003 6185. The Coflein entry is, to say the least, uninformative. It had been replaced by housing by the time the 2016 Streetview car drove past. Some manoeuvring and zooming will show that the piece of land to the right of the wooden fence retains some headstones.



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