The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Llangollen, Denbighshire

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Castle Street Welsh Baptist Chapel. SJ 215 421. Martin Briscoe. Another view. Alan Blacklock (2010). Link.

The former English Baptist Chapel. Gerard Charmley (2012).

English Methodist Church. SJ 213 421. Martin Briscoe.

English Methodist Church Memorial Hall, built as English Wesleyan Chapel in 1868. Gerard Charmley (2012).

Evangelical Church at Glanfaron. SJ 214 421. Martin Briscoe.

Glanyrafon Congregational Church. The date-stone below the round window says 190?, the final number is obscured by the tree. Gerard Charmley (2012).

Holy Cross (R.C.). SJ 216 420. Martin Briscoe.

Rehoboth Chapel. SJ 216 418. Martin Briscoe.

Seion Chapel. SJ 215 420. Martin Briscoe.

St. Collen. SJ 217 420. Martin Briscoe. Another view. Stuart Mackrell. Interior view, Gerard Charmley (2012).

The ruins of Valle Crucis Abbey. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. Link.                          




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