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Leyburn, North Yorkshire

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Faith Mission on Shawl Terrace. Another view. SE 110 905. Both Howard Richter (2012). Link.

Friends Meeting House. Another view. SE 111 906. Both Howard Richter (2012).

Methodist Church (mid-1880's). SE 112 904. Bill Henderson. Another view, Alan Blacklock.

St. Matthew. SE 113 903. Bill Henderson.

St. Peter and St. Paul (R.C.). SE 112 907. Steve Bulman.

Wensleydale Evangelical Church, originally Congregational. ca. SE 112 906. Alan Blacklock.

A former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, now a private residence called Old Chapel. Another view. The building is probably older than 1830, as this source mentions a Wesleyan Congregation at Leyburn Chapel. The congregation is older though, dating back to at least 1814. SE 1126 9038. Both Howard Richter (2016).





04 March 2023

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