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Kirkstall, Leeds, West Yorkshire

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A Baptist Chapel once stood on Beecroft Street at SE 2653 3549. The National Archives references documents pertaining to this church for the years 1907-32. It had been demolished before 2008 when Streetview made its first visit to the site.

Older O.S. maps mark a Congregational Chapel on Commercial Road, at SE 2635 3544. Evidently now demolished, it site was seen by Streetview in 2017. The boundary wall and gate piers look as if they are probably from the chapel.

Kirkstall Abbey. SE 2596 3613. Bill Henderson. Another view, Stuart Mackrell. An old postcard showing the abbey, from Steve Bulman's Collection. These two postcards - 1, 2, (both from Chris Cole's Collection) have additional views. Three more views - 1, 2, 3, all Christopher Skottowe (1961). Link. Grade I listed.

A Mission Room once stood on Sandford Road, at SE 2655 3535. It was no longer marked on a map from 1953. Housing now stands on the site, as seen by Streetview in 2019.

The former Primitive Methodist Chapel (1874) stands at the junction of Victoria Road and the B6157. SE 2645 3565. Gerard Charmley (2011).

St. Stephen (1828-9) on Morris Lane. SE 2654 3582. Bill Henderson. Another view, Gerard Charmley (2011). Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Forbester. Link. Grade II listed.

The former Salvation Army Church, now (2013) for sale. Gerard Charmley (2013).

The former United Methodist Chapel on Victoria Road is dated by Genuki to 1865-6. SE 2644 3570. Gerard Charmley (2011).

Older maps mark a Chapel on Commercial Road, at SE 2648 3538. It was still marked on a map of 1953 but has since been demolished. It stood on a large site, and had a Sunday School behind it, fronting onto Sandford Road. I've been unable to discover its denomination. Housing now stands on the site, seen by Streetview in 2008.




04 March 2023

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