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  Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire

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The Hull (West) Circuit of the Methodist Church web-site has many Methodist church photos.

Recommended reading - Stuart Leadley recommends Lost Churches and Chapels of Hull (1991) by David Neave, who also revised the 1995 update of Pevsner's East Riding volume. Also Kingston Ecclesiological Society Guide to Hull Churches, Nigel Yates et al, (1969). Stuart has also supplied many church locations and other additional details.

Churches in Anlaby and Anlaby Common, Avenues, Bilton Grange, Bransholme, Derringham, Drypool, Gipsyville, Greatfield, Longhill, Marfleet, Myton, Newington, Newland, Orchard Park - North Hull, Sculcoates, Southcoates, Sutton Ings, Sutton Park, Sutton Village. Some links will open another page.

Boulevard Baptist Church on Gordon Street. TA 078 281. Bill Henderson (2014). Link.

Bricknell Avenue Methodist Church. TA 063 315. James Murray. Another view, Bill Henderson (2014).

Chanterlands Crematorium on Chanterlands Avenue has two chapels - the Small and Large. TA 071 311. Both Mike Berrell (2015).

Church of New Life and Hope on Redbourne Street. TA 0799 278. Bill Henderson (2014).

Fishermen's Mission on Waltham Street. TA 095 289. Stuart Leadley (2011).

The former Friends Meeting House, in the city centre has recently (2010) been sold. TA 094 292. James Murray.

Holy Trinity. From an old postcard (franked 1906), in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern view. James Murray. Hull's medieval parish church, originally a chapel of ease for Hessle. A very early (14th century) brick-built church. TA 099 285. Link. Grade I listed.

The former Mariner's Church of the Good Shepherd (1926-7) on Posterngate. It was a Post Office Club for some time after the church closed, but is now a pub. Stuart Leadley (2011).

Methodist Central Hall on King Edward Street. Another view. TA 095 289. Both James Murray.

The former Methodist Chapel on Hessle Road, built as City Temple (Primitive Methodist) in 1879. A local informant advised Martin that this was last used in 1984. TA 084 279. Martin Richter (2013). News item on repair work. Grade II listed.

New Age Spiritualist Church on John Street. TA 097 292. Mike Berrell (2015). Link.

Redeemed Christian Church of God on Beverley Road. TA 090 296. Mike Berrell (2015). Link.

Revive Church meet at Cineworld on Gibralter Road. Mike Berrell (2015). Link.

The former St. Andrew, now The Hull Schools Library Service of Hull City Council. TA 093 292. James Murray. The previous church building stood across the road. Damaged by bombing in WWII, it was demolished, and Hull Central Library now occupies the site.

St. Charles Borromeo (R.C.) in Hull City Centre on Jarratt Street. TA 096 291. James Murray. Stuart Leadley advises that the rather drab exterior hides a splendid interior. Interior view, Mike Forbester. Grade II* listed.

St. Mary on Lowgate. A heavily restored and extended medieval church. TA 101 288. James Murray. Link. Grade II* listed.

St. Matthew (1870) on Boulevard. TA 078 286. Bill Henderson (2014). Now closed - see disposal notice.

St. Patrick (disused), on Spring Street. TA 090 292. James Murray. Thanks are due to Richard Watson and James Murray for establishing the identity of this church building. Another view. Stuart Leadley (2011).

St. Wilfrid (R.C.) on Boulevard. TA 079 279. Bill Henderson (2014). Link.

Selby Street Methodist Church. TA 075 285. Bill Henderson (2014).

Seventh-day Adventist Church on Worship Street. TA 098 291. Stuart Leadley (2011).

Former Synagogue on Anne Street - subsequently a night-club, but presently unused. Stuart Leadley (2011).


Anlaby and Anlaby Common
Anlaby Park Methodist Church. James Murray.
Christ Church (U.R.C.). James Murray.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. James Murray.
St. Mark. TA 045 288. James Murray. Another view, Bill Henderson (2014).
St. Peter. TA 033 288. James Murray. Another view, Bill Henderson (2014).Link.

Church On The Way (Elim Pentecostal) on Prince's Avenue was formerly Fish Street Memorial Congregational Church. TA 083 298. James Murray. David Smith advises that the Congregationalists originally had a town-centre church on Fish Street. That was closed in 1898, and the Prince's Avenue church opened the following year. Grade II listed. Link.
Kingston Evangelical Church on Park Grove. TA 086 298.  James Murray. Link.
The former Methodist Church on Perth Street, now closed. TA 074 297. James Murray.
Methodist Church on Princes Avenue. Founded as Wesleyan Methodist in 1905. Another view. TA 083 299. Both James Murray. The tower dates from the original build, the nave is of a re-build of 1996. The tower is Grade II listed.
Mosque (a converted house) on Pearson Park. Planning permission has been granted for extensions. TA 085 304. Stuart Leadley (2011).
St. Cuthbert on Marlborough Avenue. TA 076 300. James Murray.
St. Ninian and St. Andrew (U.R.C.) on Chanterlands Avenue. Another view. TA 073 305. Both James Murray.

Bilton Grange
Methodist Church, Nestor Grove. This modern building replaced a 1960's church identical to Brough (ERYorks) Methodist Church. TA 145 321. James Murray.
St. Bede (R.C.) on Hopewell Road. TA 141 313. James Murray.
St. Philip on Amethyst Road. TA 145 316. James Murray.

Bodmin Road Church (Independent Evangelical). TA 096 343. James Murray. Link.
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Wawne Road. Stuart Leadley (2011).
Methodist Church on Goodhart Road, on the Bransholme Estate. TA 107 336. James Murray.
St. John at Sutton and Wawne, Bransholme. TA 105 345. James Murray.
St. Mary Queen of Martyrs (R.C.) on Bransholme Estate. Another view. TA 105 332. Both James Murray.

Ascension of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on Calvert Road was originally a mission-hall church, later extended. TA 058 299. James Murray. By 2014 it was known simply as The Church of the Ascension, Bill Henderson (2014).
Corpus Christi (R.C.) at Spring Bank West. TA 062 294. James Murray. Link.
Derrigham Bank Methodist Church, on Willerby Road. Two further view - 1, 2. TA 058 294. All James Murray.
Priory Baptist Church on Hotham Road. TA 052 305. Stuart Leadley (2011). Link.
St. Thomas on Hotham Road. TA 046 298. James Murray.

The former Courtney Street Baptist Church (1899), now in commercial use. TA 107 301. Stuart Leadley (2011).
East Hull Presbyterian Church (Evangelical), off Holderness Road. The entrance way from the main road. Both TA 117 303. Stuart Leadley (2011).
The former Holborn Street Congregational Chapel (1899), on Witham. Closed 1954, and is now in commercial use. TA 106 294. Stuart Leadley (2011).
Holderness Road U.R.C. TA 119 306. James Murray.
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Holderness Road. TA 119 306. Mike Berrell (2015).
Methodist Church on Holderness Road, aka Hull Brunswick Church. TA 116 302. James Murray.
St. Columba on Holderness Road. Dating from 1958-60, it was built on the site of a partially-built church destroyed by bombing. TA 118 305. James Murray. Another view, Mike Berrell (2015). Link.
St, John. Another view. Interior view, showing that the church is also used as a community resource. TA 123 298. All James Murray.
The former Swedish Mission on Hedon Road. It was converted to commercial use, but is currently empty. Stuart Leadley (2011).
U.R.C. on Holderness Road. The Temple of Truth Christian Spiritualist Church also meets here (link). TA 123 309. Mike Berrell (2015).

Askew Avenue Methodist Church. TA 058 279. James Murray.
St. Joseph (R.C.) on Boothferry Road. TA 057 280. James Murray.
St. Nicholas, on Hessle High Road. Dating from 1969, it replaced an earlier church which had to be demolished for structural reasons. TA 054 270. James Murray.

The former Methodist Church on Preston Road, now derelict. The area itself is undergoing regeneration though. TA 137 305. James Murray. Stuart Leadley has advised (2011) that the building has been demolished.
The former St. George on Carden Avenue. TA 140 307. James Murray. Stuart Leadley advises that it's in poor condition, and may be out of use. Jennifer Murray has confirmed Stuart's suspicions, and advises that a recent newspaper report (late 2011) says that the Diocese has applied for planning permission to demolish.
St. Hilda on Annandale Road. Interior view. Both TA 152 303. James Murray.
St. Stephen's Catholic Church and Neighbourhood Centre on Annandale Road. TA 152 307. James Murray. Link.

St. Margaret on Shannon Road. TA 142 327. James Murray.
The former St. Theresa (R.C.) has been disused since the 1990's. Planning permission has been granted for demolition. TA 145 332. James Murray.

The former Mission to Seafarers on Hedon Road (1969-2003), now in commercial use. TA 135 294. Stuart Leadley (2011).
St. Giles. At least the third church on the site. A medieval church was succeeded by another in the 18th century, and the present building is 19th century. TA 143 295. James Murray. Two further views - 1, 2, both Stuart Leadley (2011).


Jubilee Church on Walton Street. TA 073 292. Stuart Leadley (2011). Link.
St. John the Baptist (1876-8), on St. George's Road and Woodcock Street. Another view. TA 074 279. Both James Murray. Another view, Bill Henderson (2014). Link. Grade II listed.
St. Martin on North Road and Anlaby Road. TA 061 288. James Murray. Another view, Bill Henderson (2014).
Salvation Army (apparently disused) on Hawthorn Avenue. TA 068 282. James Murray. Has since been demolished.

Amazing Grace Chapel (Redeemed Christian Church of God) on Grafton Street. on Beverley Road. TA 084 310. Stuart Leadley (2011).
Community Church on Cottingham Road (2006, extended 2009). It stands on the site of a 1968 German Lutheran Church, which was a replacement for a chapel on Nile Street. That site is now under a large road junction. TA 084 315. James Murray.
Cottingham Road Baptist Church. TA 073 315. James Murray.
The disused George Lamb Memorial Chapel (Primitive Methodist Connexion), more commonly known as Lambert Street Methodist Church. TA 085 309. James Murray. Jennifer Murray has advised that this church was severely damaged by a fire in April 2015. See news item.
Hull Vineyard Church on Beverley Road, formerly First Church of Christ Scientist. TA 086 312. James Murray. Link.
The former Newland U.R.C. on Beverley Road. TA 096 314. James Murray. Thanks to Stuart Ledley for advising the identification. He also says that the congregation joined with Zion in Cottingham when the church closed, and that planning permission has been granted for demolition and redevelopment. Another view. Stuart Leadley (2011).
Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Peter Chanel (R.C.), on Cottingham Road. TA 081 315. James Murray. Link.
St. Anthony (R.C.) on Beverley High Road. TA 083 322. James Murray (2009).
St. John (19th century). Grade II listed. Another view. TA 087 316. Both James Murray. Link. This page in particular has several more photos.
Trinity Methodist Church on Cottingham Road. TA 083 315. James Murray.

Orchard Park - North Hull
Clowes Memorial Methodist Church on Greenwood Avenue. TA 082 329. Stuart Leadley (2011). Link.
Endike Methodist Church on Endike Lane. TA 069 326. James Murray.
The former Holy Name (R.C.) on Hall Road. Stuart advises (2010) that there are plans to redevelop the site for residential use, but the church building will be retained for anciliary use. TA 064 329. Stuart Leadley (2010). Another view. The area itself is undergoing regeneration though. Stuart Leadley (2011).
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Inglemire Lane. Stuart Leadley (2011).
Orchard Park Evangelical Church, on Hall Road and Orchard Park Road. TA 074 335. James Murray.
St. Alban (with scaffolding), on Hall Road. TA 066 319. James Murray. Grade II listed.
St. Michael and All Angels. TA 072 336. James Murray.


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, on Holderness Road. TA 127 314. James Murray.
Former Crematorium in the City Cemetery on Hedon Road. Stuart Leadley (2011).
East Park Baptist Church, Holderness Road. TA 124 309. James Murray.
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Holderness Road. Stuart Leadley (2011).
Kingston Wesley Methodist Church on Holderness Road. Grade II listed. TA 132 315. James Murray.
Former Methodist Church on Southcoates Lane, now disused. TA 125 299. James Murray. Stuart Leadley reports (2011) that this church has been demolished since James took his photo. The site is now a "development opportunity".
Portobello Methodist Church, on Holderness Road. TA 128 312. James Murray. The original church site (1906) is now the adjoining car park.
Sacred Heart (R.C.) on Southcoates Lane. TA 125 304. James Murray. Another view, Modestas. Link.
St. Aidan on Southcoates Avenue, Southcoates. TA 126 306. James Murray. Link.

Sutton Ings
East Hull U.R.C. on Clifford Avenue. TA 124 316. Stuart Leadley (2011). Link.
St. Francis of Assisi (R.C.) on Wembley Park Avenue. TA 123 324. James Murray.
St. Mark on Bellfield Avenue. TA 129 320. Stuart Leadley (2011).
St. Michael and All Angels. TA 134 316. James Murray.

Sutton Park
St. Andrew. TA 093 333. James Murray.

Sutton Village
Methodist Church at Sutton-on-Hull. TA 120 328. James Murray.
Former Primitive Methodist Chapel, now a Masonic Hall. TA 118 328. Stuart Leadley (2011).
St. James. Interior view. Another interior view. Both James Murray. Grade I listed.
Former Wesleyan Chapel, now a recreation club. TA 118 330. Stuart Leadley (2011).




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