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My appreciation to Alan Nixon who has updated me on a number of the changes detailed below.

All Saints (R.C.) on High Street. Genuki says it was "founded in 1863". SJ 6037 9770. Peter Morgan. Since the closure and demolition of St. Catherine of Siena in Lowton (see below), the congregations have joined and the church is now known as St Catherine's and All Saints. Link.

Baptist Church on Charles Street and Beech Road. Its Genuki entry dates its foundation to 1894. SJ 6039 9805. Peter Morgan. Since Peter took his photo, the church has been closed and subsequently converted into flats. From the various Streetviews, I suspect that it was closed between 2018 and 2021.

Congregational Church on High Street, the foundation of which is dated here to 1830. SJ 6043 9788. Peter Morgan. Streetviews show that the church changed hands between 2018 and 2020, and is now Christian Congregation in the United Kingdom. Link.

The former Edge Green Methodist Church, originally Primitive Methodist. Its entry here dates it to 1867, with closure in 2006 as specified in the pdf document here. SJ 5965 9890. Peter Morgan. From Streetviews, the chapel was demolished between 2009 and 2015. The housing built on its site was seen by Streetview in 2015.

Golborne and Lowton Methodist Church on Heath Street and Salisbury Street was previously Heath Street Church, built as Wesleyan. It was named as such in 2010 following the closure of Lane Head Methodist Church, Lowton, and merger with Heath Street Church. SJ 6040 9794. Alan Nixon. In 2023 it became Lowton and Golborne Community Church. Link.

Golborne Pentecostal Church was previously Welsh Congregational. Its Genuki entry says "founded before 1902" SJ 6052 9805. Alan Nixon. By 2015 it had become Golborne Community Church, by 2018 Eternity Church, by 2020 Life Church, all from Streetview. As of 2023 it was still Life Church - link.

Gospel Hall on Manor Street. It looks to be a relatively recent building, but it stands on the site of a Mission Hall shown on a map of 1906. SJ 6064 9837. Peter Morgan.

The former Independent Methodist Church on High Street has a date-stone for 1871, and is now in use as offices. SJ 6047 9795. Peter Morgan.

The former Lowton Road Methodist Church, (originally Primitive Methodist) closed in 2007. It has a date-stone for 1900, and this source says it was successor to an earlier chapel of 1869. SJ 6121 9805. Peter Morgan. A good history here. In 2023 it was bought as the new home of Lowton Community Church, re-named as Lowton & Golborne Community Church. Interior view, Alan Nixon. Link.

St. Thomas on Church Street. SJ 6072 9817. Peter Morgan. Another view, and two interior views - 1, 2, all Mike Berrell (2012). Link. Grade II listed.

Trinity Methodist Church used to stand on Bridge Street. Originally Primitive Methodist, Genuki dates it to before 1892 - before 1989. This source (which has an old photo) says 1847, closing in 1986. Its site remains undeveloped, and it was seen by Streetview in 2022. SJ 6030 9724. Its predecessor, also Trinity, stands a little further east off Bridge Street at SJ 6028 9737. The source already quoted has a photo, says that it was used as the Sunday School when the second chapel was built, and that it survives in residential use. I'm fairly sure it's the white building to the right of the car in this Streetview from 2023.


The Independent Methodist Church on Newton Road has a date-stone for 1879. This source (which has an old photo of the interior) says it stands "on or near the site of three predecessor chapels", of 1794, 1834 and 1849. A map of 1849 (surveyed no later than 1847) shows that the two earlier chapels were not on the present site. SJ 6353 9798. Peter Morgan. Another view, and the interior, both Alan Nixon.
Lane Head Methodist Church on Newton Road. SJ 6211 9659. Peter Morgan. Alan Nixon advises that this was closed in 2010. See also the Golborne and Lowton Methodist Church.
Lowton Community Church (Pentecostal) meets in the Laburnum Road Centre on Laburnum Road. SJ 6265 9744. Alan Nixon. Since Alan took his picture the church has moved into the old Primitive Methodist Chapel, for which see Lowton Road Methodist Church (above).
St. Catherine of Siena (R.C.) on Newton Road. SJ 6237 9683. Peter Morgan. Another view, Cecilia O'Neill (2010). Since these photos were taken the church has been closed and demolished. The final Streetview to show it was taken in May 2017, and it was gone by Oct 2018. The housing and road built on the site was seen by Streetview in 2023. See also All Saints, above.
St. Luke on Slag Lane. Another view. SJ 6157 9778. Peter Morgan. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3, all Mike Berrell (2012). Link. Grade II listed. Stocks and a sun-dial in the churchyard have their own listings - see here.
St. Mary on Newton Road, consecrated in 1862. SJ 6351 9788. Peter Morgan. Another view, Cecilia O'Neill (2010). Link.





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