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Glanaman, Carmarthenshire

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Bethania Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (2021 Streetview) stands on Bryn-Lloi Road at SN 6748 1357. It has a date-stone for 1906. Coflein. Grade II listed.

Bethesda Baptist Church on Cwmamman Road. It has a date-stone with "1844 re-built 1882". SN 6775 1362. Mike Berrell (2009). Coflein.

The former Capel Bethel (1893), now in residential use. SN 672 135. Mike Berrell (2009). In revising this page I've been unable to locate or identify this chapel. The grid reference leads to the western end of Bryn-Lloi Road, but no available maps show a chapel near here, and "driving" round the area on Streetview doesn't reveal anything.  So what and where is Mike's photo?

The former Capel y Brynseion Annibynwyr (Independent) on High Street, now a private residence. SN 6755 1358. Mike Berrell (2009). Coflein, wherein it's dated to 1910-2004. Grade II* listed.

New Bethel Independent Chapel (1875) on Heol Cwmaman. SN 6818 1347. Mike Berrell (2009). Coflein. Its predecessor survives, Old Bethel Chapel (or Hen Fethel Welsh Independent Chapel), which according to its Coflein entry was a re-build in 1825-6 of an earlier chapel of 1773. SN 6815 1440. It stands in a large graveyard, and was seen (distantly) by Streetview in 2021. There's an old photo on the Coflein Images page.

St. Margaret (2021 Streetview), on an apparently un-named side road off Tirycoed Road at SN 6740 1393. Coflein dates it to 1933-2008. It also mentions its predecessor, a tin tabernacle, which is shown on the 1950 1" map on Tirycoed Road at SN 6729 1385. It was still standing in 2011 (Streetview), but has since been replaced with a house (2021 Streetview).

Tabernacle Calvinistic Methodist Chapel on Tabernacle Road, as seen by Streetview in 2022. It has a date-stone for 1840, though its Coflein entry says 1841. SN 6707 1378.








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