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Deepcar, South Yorkshire

Deeepcar on Wikipedia.

St. Ann (R.C.) on Haywood Lane is dated here to 1859-60. SK 2772 9824. David Regan (2021). Link.

St. John the Evangelist on Manchester Road. This source dates it to 1877, and that services had previously been held in the National  School on Carr Road. SK 2867 9799. David Regan (2021). Link.

Prior to 1985 The Assembly of the Pentecostal Church is said (here) to have moved from Deepcar Community Hall to Stocksbridge Cooperative building. Can you advise where Deepcar Community Hall is or was?

Google maps marks Transformation Church on Station Road, but doesn't provide a website. I've been unable to locate one either, and a Streetview from 2019 doesn't show any likely looking candidates. Can you provide any background?

The former Methodist Church on Manchester Road was built as Wesleyan in 1868. A centenary booklet can be seen here (pdf, click DOWNLOAD). SK 2805 9830. David Regan (2021).






02 November 2021

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