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Daventry, Northamptonshire

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The ironstone building with the date-stone in the gable was originally the Grammar School, but has been used as a Catholic Church - initially rented from 1916, but purchased outright in 1924. The tip of the spire of Holy Cross can be seen behind. It was succeeded by the present church on London Road in 1972 (for which, see Our Lady and St. Augustine below). Another view. SP 5743 6250. Both Howard Richter (2015).

Holy Cross, allegedly of pre-Norman foundation. Another view. This mid-C18 building replaced a decayed earlier building, shown here in a drawing, photographed with permission of the church. Interior view. SP 575 626. All Howard Richter (2015). Link. Grade I listed.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on London Road. SP 5726 6225. Howard Richter (2015).

Methodist Church (1974) on Lodge Road. Another view. SP 5744 6279. Both Howard Richter (2015). Link.

Our Lady and St. Augustine (R.C.) on London Road stands adjacent to the Kingdom Hall, the car park of which can be seen at the right of the photo. At the far side of the church stands 32 London Road, a room of which was used as a chapel from 1880. The conversion of stables behind the house were soon completed, and the chapel of St. Mark resulted. This became unusable, and in 1916 the congregation moved into the former Grammar School (see first entry, above). The present church was dedicated in 1972, with major alterations (followed by re-dedication) in 1989. SP 5729 6223. Howard Richter (2015).

The Victorian St. James (a Commissioners' Church) stood at SP 5712 6237, now occupied by a supermarket (Aldi) car park on St. James Street. Consecrated in 1840 as a chapel of ease to Holy Cross, it was closed in 1958 and demolished in 1962. Howard Richter has advised of these two links to aerial views of the church - first a rather distant view, the second he describes as a better view, but I  wasn't able to access it - you may have better luck.

U.R.C. on Sheaf Street, built as Independent (1722), later Congregational. The approach is through the entrance visible here, with plaque above - which has presumably been moved from its original location at some point. SP 5725 6238. Howard Richter (2015). Link. Grade II listed.

The white building at right is the former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (1824). There had been a previous chapel nearby, of 1801. Another view. SP 5743 6245. Both Howard Richter (2015). Grade II listed.





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