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A former Chapel, unidentified by available maps which show it, stands on Parker Street at SE 3383 0611. This source confirms that it was Zion Baptist Chapel, adding that from 1900-1973 it was in use by a Swedenborgian congregation.
David Regan (2022). Link dates it to 1885.

The Baptist Church (1969) on Sheffield Road and Union Street is successor to Sheffield Road Zion Baptist Chapel (for which, see below), which stood a short distance to the north. SE 3485 0586. David Regan (2022). Link.

Barnsley Cemetery on Cemetery Road has a ruinous double Mortuary Chapel, connected by an impressive arcade. The one at the left (east) was Nonconformist, the other Anglican. The grade II listing dates them to 1860-1, with demolition in 1983. SE 3533 0565. All David Regan (2021).

Blessed Sacrament (R.C.) at Athersley South. Bill Henderson.

Buckley Methodist Church on Union Court was built as Primitive Methodist in 1876. The original smaller chapel of 1869 stands to its left, and became the church hall. SE 3480 0579. David Regan (2022). Link1. Link2.

Cliffe Bridge Church, formerly the Wesleyan Reform Chapel, on Rotherham Road.

The site of the demolished Congregational Church on Regent Street. Three old photos show the church before and during demolition - 1, 2, 3. It's dated here to 1856-1971. SE 3456 0658. David Regan (2022).

The site of the demolished Independent/Congregational Chapel which stood on Sheffield Road, at SE 3472 0608. Two old photos are available here - 1, 2, the second of which dates the chapel to 1868. David Regan (2022).

Ebenezer United Methodist Chapel stood between the Sheffield and Doncaster roads, just south of where the roads joined. It stood where the triangular building is in this view, and is also seen here. SE 3479 0607. This old photo shows it from the same viewpoint as David's first photo, another shows it from Doncaster Road, and this one also shows the white painted pub, visible in both of David's photos. Both David Regan (2022).

Ebenezer Wesleyan Reform Church (1882) on Hunningley Close, Stairfoot. SE 3702 0541. David Regan (2021). Link.

Emmanuel Methodist Church on Huddersfield Road. This source dates it to 2001-2, on the site of its predecessor (Wilthorpe Chapel) of 1927. David Regan (2022). Link.

Friends' Meeting House on Western Street, photographed from Huddersfield Road. SE 3421 0689. David Regan (2022). Link.

Holy Rood (R.C.). SE 3428 0612. Bill Henderson. Previously labelled as St. George (R.C.), Joshua Jowitt has advised that St. George was demolished in the mid 1990's. Another view, David Regan (2022). Link. Grade II listed wherein it's dated to 1905.

The site of the demolished Honeywell Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Bridge Street. It's dated here to 1884-1987. SE 3461 0705. David Regan (2022).

Hope House Church on Blucher Street is the former Blucher Street Chapel - originally Wesleyan Protestant of 1829, later United Methodist. David advises that the frontage was added in 1901. SE 3437 0620. David Regan (2022). Link.

Hope House Church on Wellington Street. SE 3446 0611. David Regan (2022). Link.

This chapel on Beevor Street has been identified as the Hoyle Mill Wesleyan Reform Church. Steve Bulman.

Love Life Church on Blucher Street and Lower Castlereagh Street. Its grade II listing dates it to 1825, as Independent, becoming Salem Wesleyan Reform in 1857. SE 3436 0616. David Regan (2022). Link.

Measborough Dike Evangelical Church on Doncaster Road is a former Wesleyan Reform Chapel. It has a date-stone for 1897. SE 3553 0576. David Regan (2021). Link.

A Methodist Church used to stand on Heelis Street. It was originally Wesleyan, and is dated here to 1878-1967. It site remains vacant. SE 3455 0584. David Regan (2022).

The former Methodist New Connexion Chapel on Cutty Lane, Old Town. It pre-dates a map of 1888, and was later known as Zion United Methodist Chapel. Another view. SE 3367 0715. Both David Regan (2022).

The remains of Monk Bretton Priory. Three further views - 1, 2, 3. All David Regan (2011). Link. Grade I listed.

A detached house stands on the site of a Mission Church, at the junction of Greenfoot Lane and School Street on Old Town. It's mentioned here where it's dated to circa 1859-60, built as a school, and used on alternate Sundays by the United Methodist Free Church and the Methodist New Connexion. It also says that it was Zion Elim Pentecostal Church between 2002 and 2009 - presumably after which it was closed and demolished. SE 3354 0714. David Regan (2022).

The former Peel Place Wesleyan Reform Chapel. This source, which calls it The Old Mill Wesleyan Reform Union Chapel, dates it to 1888-1956. David Regan (2022).

Pitt Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. A plaque dates its opening to 1846. SE 3430 0625. David Regan (2022). Three old photos are available - 1, 2, 3.

Portland Street Mission Church, on Portland Street. Built around the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, it disappears from old maps by the 1960's. Can you advise it's affiliations? SE 3563 0578. David Regan (2021).

The former Primitive Methodist Chapel on Keresforth Hall Road has been converted to residential use. It was apparently known as Kingstone Place Chapel. This source dates it to 1876-1994. SE 3363 0534. David Regan (2022).

The former St. Barnabas on Honeywell Street. The church hall is on the corner, the church to its left. David advises that it dates from the 1880's, closing in 1980. SE 3469 0694. David Regan (2022).

St. Edward the Confessor at Kingstone. SE 3372 0543. James Corbett. Two more views - 1, 2, both David Regan (2022). Link. Grade II listed, wherein it's dated to 1900-2.

St. George on York Street. SE 3414 0617. David Regan (2022). Link. It stands just 100 yards from the site of its demolished predecessor, also St. George, on Pitt Street. SE 3420 0613. David Regan (2022), who advises dates of 1821 - 1993 (demolition). Photos of it are available here, here and here.

The site (the building at the right) of St. John the Baptist (1845-1968) on Duke Street. A photo of it can seen here, and one of the church undergoing demolition in 1973 is available here. SE 3463 0580. David Regan (2022).

St. Mary Magdalene at Lundwood. Bill Henderson.

St. Mary the Virgin. The tower and porch. Both Steve Bulman. An old postcard view, from Steve Bulman's Collection.

St. Michael, which serves as the church for the R.C. and Church of England High Schools. Bill Henderson.

St. Paul the Apostle on St. Paul's Road at Old Town. SE 3348 0724. David Regan (2022). Link, which dates it to 1936-8.

St. Peter the Apostle and St. John the Baptist on Doncaster Road. An old photo sent in by Mike Jones, previously in the Unknown section, and identified by himself a little while later, and by John R. Parker. SE 3511 0589. A modern view, David Regan (2022). Interior photos can be seen here and here. Link. Grade II* listed, which dates it to 1893-1910.

The former Salvation Army Citadel on Wellington Street. This source (with old photo) dates it to circa 1896. SE 3446 0620. David Regan (2022).

The site of Sheffield Road Zion Baptist Chapel, which stood on Sheffield Road and Britannia Street. The latter no longer exists - it stood to the north of, and parallel with Union Street. The chapel stood closer to today's road, which is wider than it was when the chapel was extant. A photo of the chapel is available here, where it's dated to 1909-61. SE 3484 0594. David Regan (2022).

Smithies Wesleyan Reform Church, on Wakefield Road, Smithies. Bill Henderson.

Trinity U.R.C. on Farrer Street and Crookes Street. The church website dates it to 1898, as Congregational. SE 3383 0637. David Regan (2022).

The Lamproom Theatre is the former Westgate Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Another view. Both David Regan (2022). It's grade II listing dates it to 1780, with later additions. An old photo is available here.

Unidentified on available maps which show it, a Chapel once stood at the rear of the small park known as Hen Pen, on Doncaster Road at SE 3548 0579. Old maps show that it had been built around the turn of the 20th century and demolished by the mid-1950's. This source says that it was Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel, of 1896-1936. David Regan (2021).







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