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  Arran, North Ayrshire

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Bennecarrigan Free Church (disused) near Sliddery is dated here to 1893. It's possibly the second church on the site (see here for more details - it also says that it was closed in 2004). NR 9423 2210. Peter Amsden. Link.


Corrie (CoS). Scotland's Church Trust dates it to 1887. NS 0238 4373. Peter Amsden. Its very brief category B listing. The former Free Church (being converted to a private house). NS 0251 4290. Peter Amsden. Category B listed.

Kilmory, Church of Scotland. Its category C listing dates it to 1785, with later additions and alterations. This source says it is "former". NR 9633 2186. Peter Amsden.

Lamlash, Church of Scotland. NS 0257 3095. Peter Amsden. The former St. George (United Free) at Margnaheglish, unused since the 1970's. This source dates it to 1885, replacing a predecessor of 1774. NS 0323 3176. Peter Amsden. A map of 1950 shows a place of worship on Benlister Road at NS 0246 3101. It appears to have been closed within a very few years, and I've been unable to discover anything further about it. The former church building or its replacement (to the right) or its site (to the left) can be seen in a Streetview from 2021. This source lists a Free Church Mission Station of 1885-92, on Brodick Road at NS 02895 31885. It isn't shown on any available maps, but assuming the quoted grid reference is accurate, then its site was seen by Streetview in 2021. O.S. maps show Kilbride Chapel (In Ruins) at Margnaheglish, at NS 0323 3227. It hasn't been seen by Streetview, but Canmore has several photos.

Lochranza, St. Bride (CoS). Its category B listing dates it to 1795. NR 9371 5021. Peter Amsden. Link. The 1" O.S. map of 1956 shows a place of worship to the N.W. of St. Bride, at NR 9321 5054. What is evidently the converted church survives, and was seen by Streetview in 2021. It's identified here as the former Free Church of circa  1900.

Pirnmill, the former Church of Scotland. It has a date-stone for 1910. NS 8728 4427. Peter Amsden. Category B listed. About of a mile further north is another Church of Scotland (2021 Streetview), which its category C lasting advises is a former Free Church, dating from circa 1920. NR 8740 4475. Link. A news story from 2023 announced its closure.

Shiskine, St. Molio's (CoS). NR 9100 2942. Peter Amsden. Link. The history page says it was opened in 1889. Category A listed. Shiskine Hall, which Peter says has a churchy look about it. It may be the building mentioned on the following link as being the former United Free Church. Can you confirm? Janet Gimber had pointed me to a website, which confirmed that it was indeed United Free. (The supplied website link no longer worked when revising this page in 2024). NR 8999 2950. Peter Amsden. A Free Church (2021 Streetview) is shown on a map of 1869 at NR 9013 3012. Facebook.

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