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  Ampthill, Bedfordshire

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The Baptist Church is on Dunstable Street. It has a date-stone which reads Union Chapel Erected 1822 Enlarged 1870. The nearer part of the building, the Sunday School, is dated 1893. Gerard Charmley (2021). The local Quaker congregation also meet here. TL 0336 3780. Link (Baptist); Link (Quaker).
The Quakers previously met in a Meeting House nearby, at TL 0339 3777. The access to the original building was through an alleyway (with the white-painted gate) at left. The Meeting Room (with the tiled double-roof) now serves as a village hall. Both Gerard Charmley (2021).

The Methodist Church on Dunstable Street was built as Wesleyan. Another old postcard view. TL 0338 3792. Link. Both from old postcards in Judy Flynn's Collection. A modern view, Gerard Charmley (2021).

A former Primitive Methodist Chapel (1871) stands on Saunders Piece, at TL 0348 3772. It was seen by Streetview in 2015. Link.

St. Andrew. Interior view. TL 0370 3826. Both from old postcards in Judy Flynn's Collection. Link. A 2010 Streetview. Grade I listed. The War Memorial in the churchyard is listed as grade II.

A former Strict Baptist Chapel of 1904 stands on Oliver Street at TL 0341 3760. Gerard Charmley (2021).

The 1:25,000 O.S. map of 1956 shows a place of worship on Flitwick Road, at TL 0308 3658. A funeral business is now on the site. Their websites History page says "A redundant church in Ampthill was purchased and repurposed". It was seen by Streetview in 2021. I haven't been able to discover what church this was - can you advise?





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