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Alton, Hampshire

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All Saints on Butts Road. SU 7142 3897. Chris Kippin. Link. Grade II listed.

Alton Islamic Centre meets in Alton Community Centre (2023 Streetview) on Vicarage Hill. SU 7165 3944. Link.

Alton Methodist Church is on Draymans Way, and was seen by Streetview in 2023. Link. The history page dates the first Methodist Church in Alton to 1846, which remained in use until 1976. It stood just a few yards north of the present church on High Street, where M&S now stands (SU 7160 3912). No available maps indicate what flavour of Methodism it was, however it seems likely to have been Wesleyan as records from a Wesleyan Chapel in Alton are mentioned here on the National Archives. The present church was built in 1979-80. SU 7163 3909.

A small Baptist Church (2023 Streetview) stands on Grove Road and Mount Pleasant Road. Genuki dates it to 1891, and Google says that it's "permanently closed". SU 7162 3898.

Genuki has an entry for a Brethrens Meeting Room on Vicarage Hill. There's a photo, but Streetviews shows that it was demolished between 2011 and 2015, by which time housing had been built on the site (Streetview). SU 7172 3947.

Harvest Evangelical Church meets in Alton Maltings (2020 Streetview) on Maltings Close. SU 7172 3912. Link.

An early Quaker Meeting House (2023 Streetview) stands on Old Odiham Road at SU 7172 3968. Link. The history page dates it to 1672. Grade II* listed.

St. Lawrence on Church Street. SU 7172 3960. Chris Kippin. Link. Grade I listed. The churchyard sun-dial is also listed, as grade II.

St. Mary (R.C.) on Normandy Street and Paper Mill Lane, as seen by Streetview in 2018. SU 7219 3969. Link.

The Salvation Army Church (2020 Streetview) is on Amery Street and Lenten Street. SU 7159 3935. Link.

A long-term resident on the Unknowns page, and identified by Janet Gimber, is the long-demolished Thedden Episcopal Church, at SU 6819 3894, west of Alton. An old postcard here confirms the identification. The earliest available on-line map of 1895 shows it, but it had gone by 1959.

The former U.R.C on Normandy Street, built as Independent/Congregational. SU 7204 3961. Chris Kippin. Grade II listed, wherein it's dated to 1835.






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