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Alfreton, Derbyshire

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Christ the King (R.C., 1927) on Nottingham Road. SK 4171 5551. David Regan (2021). The Church website History page says that the present church was preceded by St. Mary (1883) on Park Street, which can be seen on a Streetview of 2016. SK 4085 5525.

A Mission Room is marked on older maps off Colin Street at SK 4144 5560. What appears to be the same building is present but not labelled on a map of 1880, and it seems to have survived at least until 1921. Its site would seem to be in the back gardens of bungalows, seen in a 2009 Streetview.

Another Mission Room is shown off King Street, at SK 4088 5569. It stood at the far end of the building on the left of the road, seen here in a 2020 Streetview.

The former Mortuary Chapel, now Heritage Chapel of Alfreton and District Heritage Trust. SK 4120 5594. David Regan (2021).

Nottingham Road Primitive Methodist Chapel, which stands at the junction of Nottingham Road and Orange Street. It has a date-stone for 1881. SK 4157 5562. David Regan (2021). Another view, from Streetview in 2018, shows it in commercial use. An old photo of it can be seen here. Link.

St. Martin on Church Street. SK 4073 5589. David Regan (2021). Link. Grade II* listed.

Watchorn Church (Independent) on Derby Road was built as Watchorn Memorial Primitive Methodist Chapel in 1927-9. Another view. Both David Regan (2021). Its My Primitive Methodists entry says it was preceded by a P.M. church on Nesbit Road, with dates of 1851-1928. Nesbit Road apparently no longer exists, but the 25" O.S. map 1900 shows a P.M. Chapel just off the Derby Road, close to where the present church stands. Its site is approximately marked by the shed behind the red car in this 2020 Streetview.

Wesley Methodist Church (1983) stands on Nottingham Road and Ellesmere Avenue at SK 4159 5566. David Regan (2021). Link. Its history page mentions a predecessor of 1809 which stood on Chapel Street, and had also later been a Salvation Army Hall. It was demolished in 1973. The only map I can find which shows it is of 1880 vintage, where it's indicated at the southernmost end of Chapel Street, on the east side. Assuming that the length of the street has remained unchanged, then the building to the left of the red car now stands on the site, as seen in this 2018 Streetview. Its successor stood on High Street (it can just be seen in a photo on  the history page) was in use from 1885 until the present church opened. A 2019 Streetview shows the commercial building erected on its site.

New Life Church on Church Street is the former Wycliffe Reform Church. SK 4086 5578. David Regan (2021). Grade II listed.






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