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Ackworth, West Yorkshire

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Ackworth Community Church meets in the community centre (2023 Streetview) on Bell Lane. SE 4356 1634. Link.

All Saints on Wakefield Road. SE 4368 1619. Bill Henderson. Link.

Methodist Church on Barnsley Road. Older maps label it as Wesleyan. SE 4422 1711. Bill Henderson. Since Bill took his photo, the small spirelet has been taken down, as can be seen in a Streetview from 2021. Link, wherein it says that the church dates from 1859.

Our Lady of Lourdes (R.C.). SE 4402 1617. Bill Henderson. Since Bill took his photo, the church has been demolished. It's dated here to 1939-2012, and there are exterior and interior photos. Streetview saw it before it was demolished (2011), and as it is now (2023) after housing was built on the site.

Quaker Meeting House at Ackworth School, on Barnsley Road. SE 4414 1728. Bill Henderson (2013). Link. Grade II* listed.

St. Cuthbert, off Purston Lane. SE 4403 1807. Bill Henderson. Link. Grade II* listed. A cross slab, lych-gate and tomb chest all have their own listings here.





18 December 2023

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