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Abercynon, Rhondda Cynon Taff

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Older O.S. maps show Capel Carmel on Mountain Ash Road and Wesley Street, which Coflein lists as Wesleyan Methodist, dating from 1894 but says it has a date-stone for 1898. Since the Coflein entry was written, the chapel has evidently been demolished, and this house built on the site (2021 Streetview). ST 0798 9484.

The site of the demolished Central Forward Movement Hall, which stood on Edward Street. ST 0806 9501. A 2008 view of the church is available on Streetview, here. The Coflein entry says that it was built as Primitive Methodist in 1895. The Forward Movement itself was also Methodist in origin - see the Wikipedia entry here. Gerard Charmley. By 2021 housing (Streetview) had been built on the site.

An O.S. map of 1901 shows an otherwise unidentified chapel on Ynysmeurig Road at ST 0816 9502. Coflein shows this to have been an English Congregational Chapel, dating to 1886, re-built 1898, closed in 1980, burnt down in 1995 and demolished in 1998. The town library has been built on the site (2022 Streetview).

Moriah English Baptist Chapel on Mountain Ash Road. It's dated by Coflein to 1905. ST 0807 9509. Gerard Charmley. Link.

Coflein lists Nazareth Chapel, of uncertain affinity, on Plantation Road, at ST 0795 9496. It has it as built in 1866, re-built in 1902, closed in 1943 and then converted to residential use. A 2021 Streetview shows the building at the grid reference, though confusingly it has a sign saying St. Donat's.

St. Donat (CiW) on Aberdare Road, Carnetown. Coflein dates it to 1897-8. ST 0782 9456. Gerard Charmley. Link.

A small chapel (CiW), dedicated to St. Gwynno. It stands on Alexandra Place (according to its Church in Wales website entry) or Alexandra Road (Google Streetmap). ST 0855 9524. Gerard Charmley.

Of the demolished Tabernacle Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, only this Fishing Club's Clubhouse - the former Church Meeting room - remains. Gerard Charmley. Tabernacle itself stood on Edward Street. According to its Wikipedia entry, it was built in 1898, closing in 1991, and was demolished two years after. ST 0803 9501. As of 2021, its site remained undeveloped (Streetview).

Wesley Chapel on Martin's Lane. It date-stone above the door is for 1928. Its Coflein entry says this was a replacement for an iron chapel of 1897. ST 0822 9490. Gerard Charmley.

Although previously listed as a possible former chapel, this seems to have always been a community centre. Gerard Charmley.




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