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  Abbey Hey, Manchester, Greater Manchester

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Abbey Hey Methodist Church on Abbey Hey Lane. The new church replaced the old one in Harrop Street (see below). SJ 8968 9666. Mike Berrell. Streetviews show that it was demolished at some point between August 2009 and May 2011, and by October 2012 the site had had housing built on it (Streetview 2012).

Christ Church Manchester meets at the Wright Robinson Sports College on Falmer Close. SJ 9009 9662. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Gospel Hall on Highmead Street. SJ 8892 9634. Mike Berrell.

Methodist Chapel (disused) on Harrop Street. SJ 8966 9667. Mike Berrell. Like the Abbey Hey Methodist Church (above), this building was demolished between August 2009 and May 2011, and by October 2012 there was housing on the site (Streetview 2012).

The former St. George the Martyr (CoE), on Abbey Hey Lane. The foundation stone is dated 1902, and the church was made redundant in July 2006. SJ 8928 9657. Mike Berrell. It was demolished after October 2012, and by July 2015 housing (Streetview) had been built on the site.

St. Paul with St. John (United Reformed) on Abbey Hey Lane. It's labelled on older O.S. maps as Presbyterian. SJ 8961 9701. Mike Berrell.






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