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Aberfoyle, Church of Scotland. Another view. NN 514 013. Link. St. Mary (Scottish Episcopal). Another view. NN 524 010. Link. All Dennis Harper (2013).

Balquhidder, the Auld Kirk and the New Kirk (1855). The gravestone of Rob Roy McGregor. NN 536 209. Both Bill Henderson. Two additional views of the old kirk - 1, 2, two of the new - 1, 2, another photo of Rob Roy McGregor's burial place, and a close-up of the grave-marker, all Dennis Harper (2013). Another view of the old and new kirks, and of a plaque on the auld kirk, giving a little history, all Bill Henderson (2016). Auld Kirk link. New Kirk link.
Blair Drummond, Kincardine-in-Menteith Church of Scotland  (1814-16). NS 719 988. Bill Henderson (2016). Link1. Link2.
Bridge of Allan, Logie Kirk (CoS). Another view. Link. Grade B listed - link. The ruins of the Old Logie Kirk stand a little way to the north. Another view. All Jim Parker (2012). Link1. Link2. Link3. Just outside the town stands Lecropt Kirk (CoS), at NS 80 979. Bill Henderson (2013). Link1. Link2.
Brig o' Turk, Trossachs Church (CoS, 1849). Four additional views - 1, 2, 3, 4. NN 515 066. All Dennis Harper (2013). Link. Grade C (S) listed.
Buchlyvie, the Parish Church (CoS, 1835). Another view, and the date-stone. NS 574 937. Link1. Grade C(S) listed. Former church on Station Road (possibly Presbyterian, according to a local source). Another view. NS 574 937. All Dennis Harper (2013).

Crianlarich, Strathfillan Free Church. The Parish Church. Both Martin Briscoe.

Doune, St. Madoc (Scottish Episcopal, 1877). Two additional views - 1, 2. NN 725 015. All Dennis Harper (2013). Grade B listed. Kincardine in Menteith Church of Scotland, a mile south of Doune. Another view. NS 719 988. Both Dennis Harper (2013). Another view, Alan Blacklock. A former Church of Scotland, disused in 2013, with a possible future as a house conversion. NN 728 015. Bill Henderson (2013). St. Fillan and St. Alphonsus (R.C.). Adam Schofield (2014). Link.
Dunblane, the Cathedral. Another view, interior view, and the memorial to the victims of the Dunblane Massacre of 1996. All Dennis Harper (2005). Link.

Gargunnock, Church of Scotland (1628, on the site of a medieval church). Two additional views - 1, 2, and the bell-turret. NS 707 943. All Dennis Harper (2013). Link1. Link2. Link3.

Killin, Killin and Ardeonaig Church of Scotland (1744). Another view, interior view, and the font. NN 5734 3324. All Dennis Harper (2013). Link1. Link2. St. Fillan (1876, Episcopal) on Main Street, a tin tabernacle. NN 5737 3316. Dennis Harper (2005). As of 2013 (or earlier), Catholic Masses are also said here. Two additional views - 1, 2, both Dennis Harper (2013). Link. News item. A Free Church once stood on Main Street at NN 5726 3301. It pre-dates a map of 1867, and a drawing of it can be seen here. Available old maps only allow me to de-limit its demolition to between 1901 and 1977. Its site can be seen on a Streetview from 2009. Older maps mark a Church (site of) at NN 5712 3301. Its site lies to the left of, and closer to the camera than the white house, as seen from Fingal Road by Streetview in 2009. A photo of Fingal's Stone, originally supposed to have stood within the churchyard, but now re-located further down the hill, can be seen here. Link.
Kippen, the Parish Church (CoS, 1827) on Fore Road. Another view. NS 651 947. Link1. Link2. Grade B listed. Close-by stands this building, easily mistaken for a church, but Dennis passes on local intelligence that it was the church hall, and now a private residence. All Dennis Harper (2013).

Lochearnhead, St. Angus (Episcopal, 1888). Two additional views - 1, 2. NN 5885 2323. All Dennis Harper (2013). Link. Less than half a mile south stands a former Church of Scotland, now a private residence. NN 5894 2280. Dennis Harper (2013).

Milton Morenish, Morenish Chapel (1902) at Tomocrocher. Another view. NN 608 356. Both Dennis Harper (2013). Link.


Thornhill, Norrieston Parish Church (CoS, 1844) on Main Street. NN 670 000. Another view. Both Dennis Harper (2013). Link. Grade B listed.
Tyndrum, the remains of St. Filan's Priory at NN 359 284. Martin Briscoe.




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