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County Sligo

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Aconry, the former Cathedral of St. Crumnathy (CoI). An astonishingly small cathedral, no bigger than many an ordinary parish church, its dates are 1822 - 1997. Certainly the smallest cathedral in Ireland, and perhaps the whole of Europe. G 568 150. Link. St. Nathy and St. Brigid (R.C.). G 570 142. Both Gerard Close (2016).

Ballymote, Emlaghfad Parish Church (CoI). G 662 157. Immaculate Conception (R.C., 1864). G 659 156. Both Gerard Close (2013). Just outside the town are the ruins of a Dominican Abbey of 1488. G 622 136. Gerard Close (2016).
 Ballysadare, The Roman Catholic Oratory at St. Mary's College. G 666 291. Holy Trinity (CoI, 1840). G 667 295. St. Brigid (R.C.). G 651 289. All
Gerard Close (2012).
Beltra, Christ Church (CoI). G 592 304. Gerard Close (2012).
Bunnanadden, Sacred Heart (R.C.). G 603 117. Gerard Close (2016). Link.

Carraroe, St. John (R.C.). G 689 339. Gerard Close. Another view, Joseph Cantwell.
Cliffony, St. Molaise (R.C.). G 706 536. Gerard Close.
Collooney, Church of the Assumption (R.C., 1843). Another view. G 679 263. Both from old postcards in Reg Dosell's Collection. Two modern views - 1, 2, both
Gerard Close (2013). Link. St. Paul (CoI, 1720). G 679 259. Gerard Close (2013). Methodist Church (1861). G 678 261. Gerard Close (2013).
Coolera, Star of the Sea (R.C.). Interior view. Both
Joseph Cantwell (2012).
Curry, Immaculate Conception (R.C.). G 492 061. Gerard Close (2016). Link.

Drumcliffe, St. Columba (CoI). W.B. Yeats is buried here. G 675 422. Gerard Close. Nearby stand several High Crosses, in the graveyard of the vanished abbey. A High Cross, Christopher Skottowe (1965). Link.

Easkey, St. James (R.C.). St. Anne (CoI). Bill Henderson.

Grange, Church of Mary Immaculate (R.C.). G 660 495. Gerard Close. The former Church of Ireland. G 659 496. Gerard Close (2013).

Inniscrone, Catholic Church. Bill Henderson.

Kilglass, CoI Church. Bill Henderson.
Kilmacshaglan, Our Lady of Eternal Succour (R.C.). CoI Church. Both Bill Henderson.                           

Maugherow, St. Patrick (R.C.). G 617 442. Gerard Close.
Mullaghmore, Star of the Sea (R.C.). G 708 576. Gerard Close.
Munninane, St. Kevin's Chapel of Ease (CoI). G 656 488. Gerard Close.

Rathcormack, St. Colmcille (R.C.). G 688 409. Gerard Close.
Rathlee, Star of the Sea (R.C.). Bill Henderson.
Rosses Point, Church of Ireland (1854). G 672 389.
St. Columba (R.C.). G 670 401. Both Gerard Close (2013).

Skreen, St. Adamsnad (R.C.). Bill Henderson.
Strandhill, St. Patrick (R.C.). G 612 356.
Gerard Close (2014). Link.

Templeboy, Catholic Church. Bill Henderson.
Tubbercurry, St. George (CoI).
G 522 120. Gerard Close (2016).




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