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Ashgill, Rorison Memorial Church (CoS). Alan Matthew (2012).

Biggar, Biggar Kirk (CoS). A difficult church to photograph well. Two additional views - 1, 2. Closed when I visited, this link has interior views. NT 0404 3790. Link1. Link2. Category A listed, wherein it's dated to 1545. The graveyard as a whole is Category B listed. The nearby Moat Park Heritage Centre is the former Moat Park Church (1865). Its various denominations can be followed on old maps, and Janet Gimber advises that these include United Presbyterian in 1897, United Free in 1910, the unhelpful "Church" (1940), and Gillespie Moat Park Church (CoS) in 1975. NT 0398 3785. Link. Category B listed. The former Gillespie Church, now the Gillespie Centre. It closed before 1977 (see link). Old maps show the following - South UP Church (1858), Ch. (1897), UF Ch. (1910), Ch. (1940), and in 1975 as Ch. Hall. This is presumably the Church Hall for Moat Park Church. NT 0411 3776. All Steve Bulman (2013). St. Isidore (R.C.) on Coulter Road, as seen by Streetview in 2009. NT 0375 3748. Link.

Chapelton, the Parish Church (CoS). Link. The former Chapelton Evangelical Church, now a private residence. Both Adam Schofield (2014).

Dalserf, Dalserf Parish Church (CoS) on Kirk Road. Another view. Both Adam Schofield (2014). Link.
Douglas, St. Bride. The clock is reputedly a gift from Mary, Queen of Scots; the tower dates from 1618. A newer St. Bride (1781-2) stands a short distance away - details here. NS 836 310. Both Howard Richter (2014). Link1. Link2 (with lots of photos). Link3. Grade A listed.

Forth, St. Paul (CoS). NS 9420 5377. Chris Kippin (2021). Link. Older maps show a United Presbyterian Church at the south of the village, off the A706 at NS 9411 5356. It survives, and can just be glimpsed in the background here on a Streetview from 2008. St. Mary Magdalene (R.C.) on Hailstonegreen, as seen by Streetview in 2009. Link.

Glassford, Church of Scotland (1820). NS 725 470. Link. Grade B listed. The ruins of the Old Parish Church. Another view. NS 732 470. Grade B listed. All Adam Schofield (2014).

Leadhills, Lowther Parish Church (CoS). Howard Richter advises that this is labelled as a Free Church on old maps. NS 8853 1476. The former Plymouth Brethren Meeting Hall (so identified here). The sign says "Ebenezer Hall". NS 8854 1485. Both
Steve Bulman (2019). Howard Richter has pointed out that old maps also show another church at NS 8859 1514, on Ramsay Road. It was labelled as Chapel in 1894, and Church in 1910. Since demolished, its site can be seen on a 2009 Streetview. Can you advise its denomination?

New Lanark, the former chapel, now in use as the village hall. Another view. Circa NS 880 426. Both Steve Bulman (2013).

Quarter, Parish Church (CoS, 1884) on Limekilnburn Road. Adam Schofield (2014). Grade B listed.

Rutherglen, the Old Parish Church, which was consecrated in 1902, was the fourth to be built on the site. NS 612 617. Hugh Millar. The church website also has images of the second and third churches.









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