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Can you help answer a question about a church, or provide a photograph ?

Can you help John Ahern, who is looking for a photo of Ballyvodock Church (Carrigtwohill Parish) in County Cork? Built in about 1890, it was demolished in 1944 by the Irish Army, who used it as target practice!

Trish McCormack would like to see a photo of St. Saviour in Hockley, Birmingham. Her parents were married there, but the church is long gone. Trish - I've misplaced your email address. Mike Berrell has sent in a link to the Birmingham History Forum - link. Unfortunately, the link no longer works, but checking out the home page here suggests the reason why - the website has recently been hacked, and they are re-building it. It may be worth subscribing to the forum(s) and ask your question there.

Anne Brooks would like a photo of Penzance Cemetery where her g-grandparents are buried. Anne - I've mis-placed your email address. Mike Berrell has sent in these links - link1, link2.

Adam Murdoch would like to know something of the history of, or see photographs of, the Methodist Church at 307 Cathcart Road, Govanhill, in Glasgow.

Tom Bulman is trying to confirm a family story that his grandfather Thomas Willis was involved in the building of an extension to Greenside church in Co. Durham. This was probably in 1907. If you have any knowledge of the church history, Tom would love to hear from you.

Teresa Berrsley would like to see photos of some West Bromwich churches, all of which have family connections for Teresa. The churches in question are Christ Church, Hargate Lane Chapel, and the Wesleyan Chapel in Carters Green (all now demolished). Janet Gimber has advised of a website with some relevant  photos. I have now also been able to add a photo of Christchurch to this website - see West Bromwich.

Can you help David Regan with some history or exterior photos of St. John the Baptist, Daw Green, Dewsbury? Supposedly built by a wealthy local family after a falling-out with the vicar of St. John the Evangelist.

Tony Toronto is trying to establish the location of a church containing two tombs, of a male and female, lying side by side and holding hands, and they supposedly died in a suicide pact. He thinks it might be in the Cambridgeshire area. Can you help?

Ken Berry is hoping to find out what happened to the Honour Boards and a Memorial Window from the demolished St. Simon and St. Jude's church on Anfield Road, Liverpool. The window commemorated a local boy and fellow crew members killed on a bombing raid over Germany. Can you help him with information or photos of the memorials or church?

Justin Brice has told me that St. Denys, Rotherfield, East Sussex, was burgled some years ago. One item stolen was a 1711 painting of an old windmill by Humphrey Fowle. As part of his researches into this mill, Justin is keen to find a photograph of this painting. Can you oblige? Link.

Carole Sage has an ancestor in her family who was a joiner and cabinet maker, specialising in pulpits and pews. His business was based in London, but much of his work is believed to have been made for churches in Devon. Harry Chesterman (1845-1925) signed his work, and Carole is keen to learn of any church which still has some of his handiwork.


Jan Abrahamson in Australia was looking for a photo of 2nd Presbyterian Church in Randalstown (Drummail Parish). Her gg-grandparents were married there, and she wanted to know if it still stands. It does, and there is a photo on the website now.

Rosemary Allen in Auckland, New Zealand was looking for information regarding Sanday East church (CoS), Orkney, where her father was minister. She'd like to know if it's still in existence, and what its current status is. Howard Richter's comprehensive researches via old maps and other on-line resources has been passed to Rosemary. The church was demolished in 1992.

Joan Harrison is looking for photos of three churches - St. Casimir (R.C.) in Manchester, which she believes no longer survives. It was in use in 1908, and was also used as a Lithuanian or Polish church; St. Elizabeth of Hungary at Aspull and St. Peter in Parr, St. Helens. Joan has now been advised of photos on the web for both of these - thank you Janet Gimber.

Can you help Philip Croft with a photo of St. James the Less, in Ashted, Birmingham (Barrack Street and Great Brook Street)? It was bombed in WWII and demolished in 1956. It must pre-date 1836, since an ancestor of Philip's was buried there at this date. Janet Gimber has advised of a line drawing on Wikipedia here.

Raymond Jarrett was keen to see photos of the following churches in Bolton. St. Matthew, Halliwell (demolished in the 1980's), and St. Saviour on Deane Road (demolished in the 1970's). Raymond has been advised that photos of both of these churches are available on this website, on the Bolton page.

Toni Huggins emigrated to Canada in the 1950's, and is trying to find some information (and a photo if possible), of St. Winifred's RC School and church in Heaton Moor, near Stockport. She writes -

"Saint Winifredís RC school, located at the very edge of what had once been a high moor, in Heaton Moor, with long views across the River Mersey valley, over the fertile Cheshire Plain as far as Chester and perhaps on a clear day beyond to Liverpool, was located on Didsbury Road. It was a once fine old white Georgian house, with peeling, fluted pillars at the main door, about eighty yards of a packed earth playground, and at the end a comforting gate-house tuck-shop.

It is my understanding that the Georgian House and Land was owned by someone well known in the area at that time and they donated some land and the house to the RC Church to be used as a primary school in 1936. St. Winifred Church is located on Mauldeth Road and I would love to see some pictures with its history. I live in Winnipeg Canada and immigrated with my family in March of 1956. I am now into genealogy and am interested in the Church and School origins, history and pictures. In 2000, I visited Heaton Moor and of course, it was not anything like I remembered. It was smaller (I have grown) and the moor and farmland was gone. The moor is now the M60 or M? something. I believe they call that progress."

Added 20 May 2007 - I'm happy to be able to report that Toni is now in touch with someone who was familiar with the area at about the same time as Toni knew it.






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