The Churches of Britain and Ireland John Balaam (2022).

County Limerick

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Adare, the ruins of the Franciscan Friary. Previously in the "Unknown" section, Margaret Toffolo's painting of a church was identified by Phil Draper. Link.

Limerick, St. Mary's Cathedral (CoI). Link. St. Michael (CoI) on Barrington Street is dated here to 1844. St. Saviour (Dominican) on Dominic Street, and its interior. Link. St. Mary, King's Island (R.C.). It's dated here to 1930-2, on the site of an earlier church. All John Balaam (2022).

Kilmallock, SS Peter and Paul (R.C.). From an old postcard (dated 1915) in Reg Dosell's Collection. Link.





04 March 2023

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