The Churches of Britain and Ireland

County Laois                

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Abbeyleix, Holy Rosary Church (R.C.). Joseph Cantwell.

Ballycarroll, Holy Trinity (CoI). Liam Murphy. Link.

Portarlington, St. Paul (CoI), or the "French Church" (to right, square tower with pinnacles) named for the Huguenots who were a large part of the congregation. The other visible church (with the spire) is St. Michael (R.C.), identified as such by Joseph Cantwell. From an old postcard in Reg Dosell's Collection. Link.
the Methodist Church on Station Road. John Balaam (2022). Link.

Spink, St. Lazarian (R.C.). Liam Murphy. Link

Vicarstown, Church of the Assumption (1841). Another view. Both Martin Thompson.




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