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Aghadrumsee, St. Mark, Church of Ireland. Jack Storey, Monaghan Genealogy Specialist.
Aughavea, Church of Ireland. Jack Storey, Monaghan Genealogy Specialist.

Ballinamallard, Church of Ireland. H263 527. Methodist Church. H 265 528. Both Gerard Close.
Belleek, the Parish Church. Len Brankin. St. Patrick (R.C.). Graeme Harvey. Another view. Len Brankin.
Brookeborough, St. Mary (R.C.). H 388 412. Gerard Close (2011). Elim Pentecostal Church. H 385 407. Gerard Close.

Coa, St. Mary (R.C.). H 283 506. Gerard Close (2011).
Colebrook, The Arghalurcher Parish Church of St. Ronan (CoI). H 413 443. Gerard Close.

Ederney, St. Joseph (R.C.). H 219 649. Gerard Close.

Florencecourt, Methodist Church. Jack Storey, Monaghan Genealogy Specialist.

Garvary, Holy Trinity (CoI). H 273 455. Gerard Close (2011).


Kesh, Free Presbyterian Church. H 181 639. Gerard Close.

Lack, The Colaghty Parish Church (CoI). H 255 673. Gerard Close.
Lisbellaw, the parish church. Jack Storey, Monaghan Genealogy Specialist. Presbyterian Church. H 303 409. Gerard Close. Methodist Church. H 299 411. Gerard Close.

Maguiresbridge, St. Mary (R.C.). H 349 385. Methodist Church. Gerald advises that according to tradition, John Wesley preached here. H 347 387. Both Gerard Close. Christ Church (CoI). H 345 387. Gerard Close (2011). Faith Mission Hall. H 347 386. Gerard Close (2011).
Muckross, St. John (CoI, 1868). H 071 636. Gerard Close (2013).
Mullaghfad, Church of Ireland. Jack Storey, Monaghan Genealogy Specialist.

Newtownbutler, The Immaculate Conception (or St. Mary's, R.C.). H 417 259. Link. Methodist Church. H 418 263. Link. Both Gerard Close (2018).

Roslea, St. Tierney (R.C.). H 541 325. Gerard Close (2016).

Slavin, Parish Church (CoI). G 943 582. Gerard Close (2011).
Stonepark, Baptist Church. H 404 431. Gerard Close.

Tempo, Parish Church (CoI). H 350 477. Immaculate Conception (R.C.). H 351 478. Methodist Church. H 349 477. All Gerard Close.
Trory, St. Michael (CoI). H 231 493. Gerard Close (2011).

Whitheill, St. Molaise (R.C.). H 231 529. Gerard Close (2011).




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